TikTok Faculty Wants to Open at Tomsk University in Russia

TikTok Faculty Wants to Open at Tomsk University in Russia

For two years, students will learn to solve the cases of operating companies using digital marketing tools using social networks, including TikTok.

Vladimir Meinert, a freshman at the School of Information Technology, became an Internet star in six months. The popular online entertainment app has over 12,000 subscribers.

Almost half of the students are filming a video and posting it on a special platform. Many people cannot make a quality product from the first take. They decided to help with this at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. They want to introduce Tik Tok into the educational program for students and entrepreneurs. Vladimir, as a representative of the younger generation, believes that this initiative will not only be interesting, but also useful.

Engineers need to develop not only in scientific activities, but also, I believe, in social networks. It would be very important and very useful to promote your business projects and products. “

Since the beginning of the year, Tik Tok has become one of the most downloaded apps. The entrepreneurs also paid attention to this. They noticed that the platform generates high user traffic every minute. Therefore, businessman Vitaly Khilko suggested creating an educational module that would be dedicated exclusively to this platform. First of all, in order to teach young scientists to use popular platforms to promote their own goals.

This platform allows us to competently advertise our startup not only within Russia and the CIS, but all over the world,” says Vitaly Khilko, founder of a business school for teenagers.

The course is planned to be introduced at the beginning of 2022 in the format of additional professional education. They rely not only on teachers, but also on young users of the application.

We would like to conduct a small experiment and invite our students, who already know and understand the ideology of this platform, to help us in the design of this educational module, and maybe participate in separate sessions, teaching our students,” said the director of the School of Engineering Entrepreneurship TPU Alexander Osadchenko.

The course is designed so that students, upon completion, will be able to help an existing business, produce startups and various online courses with a lot of tiktokviews on a platform.

Some Tips – How to make a video in Tik Tok.

Start shooting

To record a video, open the app on your mobile device and click on the plus sign in the bottom menu.

Now click on the big red circle.

At the top we see a blue bar that shows how much time has passed and how much more can be recorded.

The standard length of a video on TikTok is 15 seconds, and in the past it was possible to shoot longer videos only without sound. Now there are 2 formats: short video up to 15 seconds and long video up to 1 minute. Choose the option that you need.

At any time, you can stop recording to change location, switch camera, add props and continue from the same place. To do this, again click on the large circle at the bottom of the screen. If 15 seconds have not passed yet, but you have already removed the necessary material, click on the “birdie”.

How to add music

To choose a suitable melody before starting shooting, click on the inscription “Music” at the top of the screen.

You can add a song to your video post even after you’ve finished filming. There is a button for this in the bottom menu.

If you have not yet decided exactly on the music, you can first select a category:

  • “TikTok Top” – these are records that have already conquered the audience of the social network;
  •  “New items” for those who are fed up with trends;
  •  “Dynamic” for funny, sports and other similar clips;
  • “Comedy” – funny and amusing audio recordings;
  •  “About love” for romantic videos.

See all playlists on the corresponding tab.

Please note that many melodies, songs or sounds are cut to fit the TikTok format, which is very convenient.

When you have chosen a melody, click on it and then on the bird in the pink rectangle. After that, tap on the record button and shoot a video with music.

Before or after shooting a video, you can trim the track, that is, select another fragment of the melody.


To shoot cool, boring clips, test and use all sorts of effects, since there are a lot of them in TikTok.

Here you can:

  • Change the color of the eyes to bright blue;
  • Add an interesting background;
  • Change the shape of the objects that you shoot, or your face, as in a hall with crooked mirrors;
  • Get  yourself made up or tattoos;
  • Put on glasses;
  • Draw a bang;
  • cry expressive silvery tears;
  • Become a black-eyed demon, just like in the TV series “Supernatural”, and much more.

Favorite effects, like music, can be added to “Favorites”.

Recording settings

TikTok has a lot of additional tools to make cool and beautiful clips.

In the editor of the application, you can easily make slow-motion or accelerated videos. Most often, only a particularly bright fragment is slowed down, the rest is left at normal speed. Many popular TikTokers prefer fast-track recording, which adds dynamics.

Also, before shooting, you can:

  • Add or remove flash;
  • Set a timer if you have a clear understanding of how many seconds the video will last;
  • Use color filters and beauty effect to be even more beautiful.

You will find all of these options on the right side of the screen when you are ready to record a video.

After shooting, before you publish the clip, you can also edit it:

  • Change the audio volume;
  • Apply filters;
  • Add music (we have already spoken about this in detail);
  • Add text and stickers.

We save the video

Once we’ve added the effects and tweaked the video to look really cool, click Next.

Now there are some settings left, and you can share your masterpiece with other TikTok users. What we can do:

  • Add a short description;
  • Insert hashtags;
  • Mark friends;
  • Restrict access to other users;
  • Enable or disable comments;
  • Whether or not to allow other users of the social network to respond to our publication, including filming duets;
  • Save video to album;
  • Share the post to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

When you’re done making your final preparations, publish the clip or save it as a draft.

Learning to make high-quality videos

Helpful hints:

  1. Make dynamic videos, every second of recording is a movement.
  1. Change the angle while shooting.
  1. Stop recording and turn it on again, create beautiful transitions by rotating the camera, making the same movements with different backgrounds, changing the position of the body.
  1. Add effects.
  1. Team up with other tiktokers, shoot joint videos.
  1. Create original duets, so you will attract new viewers to your channel.
  1. Add bright details to your image: hair, makeup, body art, what will set you apart from the general background.

Upload your new viral video, buy tiktok fans and become famous instantly.

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