4 Digital Marketing Trends Across Social Media Platforms That Will Dominate 2022


Social media platforms are integral to digital marketing. You cannot think about building an online presence without the right digital marketing strategy these days. And working on a marketing strategy is difficult without taking social media into account. 

Your business is quite dependent on social media when it comes to promoting your content online. That is one of the main reasons social media marketing agencies are continuously innovating their content ideas. 

And it is not just content that they have to focus on. These social media management companies also need to take the latest digital marketing trends into account.

Any top social media marketing company will always want what is best for its clients. From preparing social media campaigns and marketing strategies to executing them with finesse. Digital marketing agencies do it all. At the end of the day, their target is simple – produce quality content and improve reach and engagement. 

These agencies and their marketing teams are always looking into the latest digital advertising trends. And these four trends are what they will have to take a closer look at in 2022.

#1 Expanding into the Metaverse

When Facebook announced the Metaverse, no one could take it seriously at first. As far as people were concerned, they thought it was a simple attempt at rebranding the company. However, people soon realized that the aim of creating Meta was not technically just for rebranding purposes. It was rather an introduction to Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of creating virtual and augmented experiences for the general public.

That gives marketers an entirely new space to run ads and promote their clients. As people immerse themselves into a virtual world, marketers will introduce them to various products and services there as well. The ads we see in real life can also be inserted into the Metaverse. Thus, digital agencies need to work with programmers and 3D/VR developers come 2022 if they want to make the most of the Metaverse ad spaces.

#2 Influencer Marketing will Still Play a Big Role

Influencer marketing has been around for a while. Micro-influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have always been the center of attention. Their lifestyle, attire, and possessions are what attract people. With their millions of followers, these influencers are still your best bet to reach a niche audience.

The only reason influencer marketing will still play a vital role in 2022 is because of how relevant they are. That means influencers can directly appeal to their audience, and influence them to purchase your client’s products or services. 

No other form of marketing can have such an impact, especially on the digital space. Hence, it is easy to see why brands will continue to turn to influencers for promoting their services and products. And digital advertising companies will be the ones to look after these campaigns.

Combine influencer marketing with the Metaverse and you get an entirely different form of marketing. Once Metaverse becomes mainstream, influencers will get the opportunity to interact with their audiences even better. 

Live events will feel more realistic. People can even check out exhibits or shows that their favorite influencers are organizing. It is safe to say that the Metaverse will open new doors to the way we see influencer marketing.

#3 LinkedIn’s Popularity will Continue to Grow

In 2019, LinkedIn had around 610 million active users. 2020 saw that number grow to 690 million. By July of 2021, LinkedIn had over 750 million active users. There is a clear rise in the popularity of this platform. The pandemic helped with this. People started using LinkedIn to look for jobs, and most of them never left the platform. Thus, it gives marketers the chance to invest their efforts here too.

Regular images and videos will do great on LinkedIn. However, most marketing companies will look to promote blog posts and articles. They tend to have a better audience on LinkedIn compared to Facebook. Thus, LinkedIn might become the place for long-form content in the long run.

#4 Bite-sized Videos will become More Popular

Bite-sized videos are popular right now and will be so come 2022. TikTok helped popularize this form of content, and now digital marketers must make the most of it. A 10-second long ad is more than enough to grab people’s attention. 

And it need not be an ad. Simple product placements in random videos will do the trick too. Digital ad agencies will turn to influencers for the content creation part. Even a 10 to 15-second long review of a product will work just fine.

So these are all the trends that will have an impact on the digital marketing industry once 2022 arrives. Hence, marketers, as well as brands, need to be aware of all this. Only then can they make the most out of these trends.