SAP Concur alternatives

SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a well-known travel and expense management software that offers entirely automated solutions to all types of business organizations. If you are running an organization then and want to reduce your travel and expense expenditures, you should consider all the T&E management solutions before making a final decision. 

If you are looking for SAP, Concur Alternatives then you are at the right place. Read this article to know about the alternatives to SAP Concur. 

Top SAP Concur Alternatives

It is hard for organizations to choose the best travel and expense management software from a big list. Selecting the right T&E management software can be very beneficial for organizations. Following are some best of SAP Concur alternatives by which you can select one according to your desires: 

  • Happay 

Happay offers an integrated solution for travel, payment, and expense management. It is considered one of the best T&E management software, which gives automated solutions to all types of businesses for managing their business travel and expense. Its provided solution is integrated with several accounting and ERP systems that you currently use. It is one of the most renowned T&E management in the world. 

Using the Happay T&E management software, business owners and CEOs can streamline travel expenses, can control T&E costs, can computerize compliance checks, track expenses, make expense reports, and can get real-time insights into travel using this AI tech-based automated solution. 

The greater level of visibility and control that Happay provides makes it easy for businesses to watch and check their internal operations. It’s functioning convert spending data into compelling reports that organizations can use to drive cost saving, enhance policy compliance, and support the finance team. 

  • Expensify 

Expensify is another well-known software that enables businesses to automate expense management and allows them to track receipts. One major thing that’s why people prefer this software is that it easily integrates with Xero and QuickBooks, which saves the time that you spend entering data and expense coding. It gives multiple levels of approval workflows to make approvals easy for workers. 

Workers can use the mobile app version of this software to take snaps of business expenses as receipts and can take snaps of handwritten bills using their mobile phones. This software enables them to make and submit an expense report in a few clicks. It makes expense tracking hassle-free for everyone. 

It offers several free as well as paid plans for all types of business, offers smart features, and fast expense tracking. 

It enables workers to scan receipts with one click. It is used to import the credit card statement for tracking expenses. It can be a wonderful choice if you are looking for the best alternative to SAP concurs. 

  • Zoho

Zoho enables organizations to manage all types of expense reporting and business travel by providing them with a single solution for both. It gives them insights and controls over their expense. It enables organizations to avoid overspending by implementing policies with the software and helps businesses to be ready for tax season by giving AI-based fraud detection trials. 

Zoho is easy to use because it integrates travel, accounting, HRMS, and ERP with your current third-party software. It is also available in a mobile app, which gives a smooth experience to users. 

The major benefit is that you don’t need to use Zoho books if you want to use Zoho expenses. It encourages organizations to get and use Zoho for their expense management. 

  • Fyle 

When it comes to the best alternatives of SAP concur then you can consider Fyle. It gives a completely automated solution to manage their travel. It gives real-time expense management and gives notifications to keep users updated. 

Using this software, workers can submit their expense receipts by taking a photo of more than 20 paper bills. It is beneficial for organizations because it is integrated with Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and Teams. Additionally, the app also identifies policy violations. If you are looking for an alternative for SAP concur then this can be your choice. 


When it comes to the alternatives of SAP concur then how we can forget ITILITE. ITILITE is also automated T&E management software that reduces the manual management process and accounting. It gives an improvement to the financial productivity of your organization. It reduces the time for expense management. By providing the automated system, it enhances the analytical capability. 

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