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Real estate implies the land, and it includes all the permanent improvements on the land. Thus, natural or man-made additions such as trees, water, minerals, homes, buildings, bridges and fences also subside into the section.

Many people confuse real estate with private property. Though, anything which is not always attached to the land is not real estate. Jewellery, boats, vehicles, farm equipment and furniture are only personal property.

Real estate in easy words

Anything and everything which is always attached to the land, be it natural or unnatural, is real estate

There are five types of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial, special use and raw land.

Investing in real estate can be done directly through purchasing homes, other properties or rental properties. Real estate investment trust ( REIT ) is the indirect method. 

How is real estate different from real property?

Land, real estate and real property shouldn’t be used interchangeably. There are small contrasts between the three. Real estate you know now, let me explain the rest.

Land: If you own land, you own the entire area; from the centre of the earth and the air space above it. You see, people often build many floors on the land they own. They can even make buildings if they have the legitimate rights. Further, builders dig up the surface to build a stable base. They can do this because they own the land.

Real property: Interests, benefits and rights which are given to the individual or entity who acquires the property is one of main classifications of property.

What Is Real Estate, Apartments, Mortgages & Home Values

Real estate, apartments, mortgages, and home values have become interesting topics of discussion lately. So, as we know, many people look for the proper value of real estate. However, it’s not that easy to gauge the actual value if we only see it from an outer layer. As such, there are many important aspects to find out and keep in mind. 

Moreover, when we look for apartments or mortgages at a fair rate, then our priorities should also stand out. Moreover, it’s also interesting to note that real estate stands for anything that has a permanent structure, like a home. So, if someone is searching for a real estate’s true value, then there are certain things to do. We have always come across situations where real estate or apartments’ true value is not realised. However, there are certain ways to find out the actual value. 

Factors That Decide the Value of a Real Estate

So, as we already mentioned, there are proper ways to find out the actual value of a real estate building. Once we can determine the factors, it makes it easier to find out the real value. So, now the question is, what are those factors in the first place? Well, we have gathered some of the most prominent factors. 

  • Location 

Firstly, location becomes a deciding factor behind the pricing of a real estate building or property. Let’s say a real estate mortgage or building is located in a suburban area, then one may not pay a hefty price. On the other hand, if it’s in a busy area, such as in the central hub of a city, then the price spikes up to a great degree. 

As such, location is extremely important when deciding on the price of a real estate building. Moreover, there are other aspects as well. The location’s transportability is another factor to keep in mind. While it’s a separate issue, some may include this aspect in location. 

  • Construction Value

The next important factor to keep in mind is the construction value of a property. Let’s say we have decided on a real estate property to buy, we must check the construction value. One can pretty much figure it out by a single glance. 

However, it’s always best to contact proper authorities to gauge the construction value, since it’s an essential aspect. After finding out the value, one can conclude whether or not the property value is justified. 

  • Historical Value

There’s another aspect that many people forget, but we always keep reminding them: It’s the historical value of a real estate property. So, people forget this, but if a real estate property is old and has historical importance, it will surely be pricy. 

On the other hand, if it’s a fairly new one, then no matter how much luxurious it is, one can get it cheaper than those ones. So, that’s why we must also figure out the historical value of a building before purchasing it. 

  • The View 

While we could include this within the “Location” bracket, the view is another deciding factor for a real estate building’s steep price. Whether the building is in a suburban place or a city, the view is always a huge factor. Sometimes, it can affect the prices to a great degree. Undoubtedly, this is something that we all must keep in mind. 

  • Other Factors

Besides these, there are many other factors to keep in mind before buying real estate. For example, we must always count the taxes and legal expenses, along with other costs. Moreover, the supply and demand factor sometimes becomes pivotal in this industry.

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