Coffee Percolators: The Pros and Cons You Must Know!

Coffee Percolators

For ages, coffee lovers have considered the process or methods of brewing these caffeine-rich beans as an art of making their favorite all-day beverage. And today, we will talk about one of the earliest, yet one of the most famous ways of brewing your favorite drink at home, brewing coffee using the coffee percolator.

Yes, you heard it right. Making coffee with this equipment might not be as popular with the younger generations because of the modern and more efficient machines that we can see used in the coffee shops. But still, making your daily elixir has a special place in the hearts of true coffee fanatics, especially by using a coffee percolator

But arguably, there are still a few questions hounding us when choosing this way of brewing coffee. So in this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using the coffee percolator as a method of making the perfect blend of coffee. So let’s dig in!

The Pros of Using a Coffee Percolator

If you want to have the best-tasting and energy-giving coffee in the morning, using a percolator is one of your best bets. One of the main advantages of using this comes directly from the taste of each cup using the percolator.

Depth in Flavor, Rich Taste

For ages, well-known coffee critics and enthusiasts have opted to use coffee percolators to bring a much deeper and richer taste to the coffee especially compared to the dripping method of brewing. Thanks to the percolator dual brew method combined with high-temperature brewing, all the much-needed flavors are filtered to bring the incredible taste of the coffee beans.

Retains the Heat Much Longer

A coffee percolator, benefitting from the high temperature, not only brings out the deep flavors of the coffee beans, as we said earlier. It also allows your drink to remain hot for a lengthier time and thus, preserving the pleasure of a hot energy-boosting drink for the day. And for coffee enthusiasts that do not like cold drinks, this is one of the good advantages of using the percolator.

A Very Practical Way of Brewing

Since the invention of the percolator in the 1800s, coffee lovers have experienced a new and practical way of brewing coffee. With its durability and portability, having a pot like this is essential for people who love to travel, complete with a good cup of coffee for the road. Furthermore, using a percolator is suitable for indoor and outdoor use so bringing it for camping trips is a good idea to share coffee with your friends.

Easy-to-Clean Kettle

Have you ever tried to clean a modern coffee maker? If your answer is yes, you probably know that you must use cleaning solutions to remove the dirt. But residue might still be left in some hard-to-reach parts of the machine. Unlike a coffee maker, you can easily disassemble the percolator parts for easy and thorough cleaning.

An Affordable Coffee Maker

Sometimes, good coffee comes with a pretty high price. But if you want to have a strong, bold, and tasty coffee, having a coffee percolator is one of the best options. Percolators are generally cheaper than the standard coffee makers today, and they are often more durable than the other coffee machines available. But of course, electric percolators are more expensive than the regular ones but still much more affordable than the alternatives you have.

With the list above, we are now sure that using a percolator is a wonderful way of making and enjoying a beloved drink. However, there are always drawbacks to using it.

The Cons of Using a Coffee Percolator

Coffee percolators are great for brewing strong coffee. However, it’s not without faults or downsides. Some users have reported some cons of using coffee percolators.

It May Take Some Time and Practice

Percolators require practice before mastering using them. Constant boiling might make your coffee too bitter for you because it cycles the water through the grounds multiple times as long as it gets to the boiling point temperature. 

So babysitting your percolator while using it is necessary to maintain the proper temperature and time of brewing. You can still choose the electric percolator to avoid this type of problem. The recommended brew time using a regular percolator comes in between 10 to 15 minutes depending on how many cups you are preparing.

Prone to Messes

As we said earlier, too much boiling may make your coffee more bitter. But at the same time, it can also make a mess as the water from the percolator might rise and eventually spill out from it. If not attended quickly, coffee stains might give you a hard time cleaning them.

Not as Time-Efficient

Using modern coffee machines, you can immediately have a cup of coffee just by pressing a single button. But unlike these modern machines, this old-school percolator is not as time-efficient as theirs. Brewing coffee from a percolator takes time and preparation before having a single cup. So it is not recommended for people who want an instant and less-preparation coffee every morning.

So What Is the Verdict?

Is coffee percolator better or not compared to other brewing methods? It will all depend on your lifestyle, priorities, and how you like your coffee. We must look for its pros and cons to find out if it is the best choice for us.

Final Thoughts

So basically, if you want a lighter and smooth nuanced flavor in a cup, the percolator is not for you. But if you prefer the deep, strong, and bold taste of coffee, choose it. While coffee percolators have drawbacks, their portability, affordable price tag, and practicality make them valuable items for every coffee lover. If you haven’t owned and tried brewing coffee from a coffee percolator, try it out today and enjoy having a hot coffee anytime and anywhere.

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