Why Do Business Accounts Need a Boost on TikTok?

Boost on TikTok

While there are plenty of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, many world-renowned businesses like Nike and Elf Cosmetics have also incorporated TikTok in their marketing strategy and there’s no denying that TikTok is a great marketing platform for any kind of business.

If you have also started a business and have still not taken advantage of the TikTok app, you’re missing out on increased margins. You can grow your TikTok organically using Growtok service as well as implementing your own strategies, no matter which route you take your customers will start buying your products or services in no time.

If you’re wondering how boosting your business account on TikTok will help your business grow, read below!

Increased User Engagement

With over 689 million monthly active users worldwide who spend 52 minutes per day on average on this app, you can be sure that you will get an elevated engagement rate on TikTok than on any other social media platform. Increased engagement means that your content will be shared and liked more among the users, which will ultimately help your content and brand go viral, therefore, boosting your sales.

Higher Reach

Although Boost on TikTok is not as old as Facebook and Twitter, it has still achieved to be the most downloaded app on the Apple store with over 12 million downloads. This means that you don’t have to strive a lot to increase the reach for your posts. No matter what content you post and in what niche, your videos will be seen by most of the TikTok users, hence you will have more chances of pitching sales.

Affordable Marketing  

Paid advertisements on TikTok business accounts are relatively budget-friendly as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook which can be quite costly to boost your organic reach.

You can also collaborate with Tiktokers who charge less than the influencers on other platforms. You can ask them to promote your product or service in one of their videos and you will be able to achieve your target without breaking the bank.

Boost on TikTok business account is, indeed, ideal for businesses that want to achieve marketing goals without going out of their budget.

TikTok Business Account Multiple Ad Formats

Some ad formats cost more or less than others, that’s the reason why TikTok has taken into account the needs of almost every business by offering a wide variety of ad formats to organically grow your business account. The different kinds of TikTok ad formats are listed below:

Topview ads. This ad format can be up to 60 seconds long and it pops up five seconds after a user opens the app, taking up the entire screen. You can add external or internal links to it to generate traffic to your site.

In-feed ads. This kind of ad pops up in the middle of the “for you” page as a user scrolls through videos. You can add multiple call-to-actions like a download button or an accessible link to your website.

Brand takeover ads. This ad is displayed on the entire screen as soon as a user opens the app and they won’t be able to skip it.

Branded lenses. It allows you to create lenses or filters specific to your brand to spread the word about your business when someone uses them.