Meet Elena Propper De Callejón: The Mother of Helena Bonham Carter, the English Actress

Elena Propper De Callejón
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (10472330d) Helena Bonham Carter and Elena Propper de Callejon Bafta 'My Grandparents' War' TV show screening, London, UK - 11 Nov 2019 Event held at The May Fair hotel

Elena Propper de Callejón was the daughter of Spanish diplomat Eduardo Propper de Callejón. Not much is known about Elena Propper de Callejón as she was not as popular as her husband and children. She was popular as the mother of Helena Bonham Carter and her two other children, Edward Bonham Carter and Thomas Bonham Carter.

What was Her profession?

She is a psychotherapist. However, both she and her husband suffered from medical problems, which, of course, pressured Helena to assist in the home. Moreover, her husband died in 2004. This made her daughter financially assist in keeping the family. She was not as popular as her husband and her daughter. 

We lack much information about her career. However, all the fame that she has now is due to the hard work of her daughter. Her daughter Helena has garnered much fame in the movie industry.

Who is Her daughter?

Her daughter is Helena Bonham Carter. She was born on  26 May 1966 in Golders Green, London, England, into a family of Jewish and Spanish but mostly British. Moreover, she is an actor. Furthermore, she has appeared in more than 70 movies. She has performed in many TV shows and series, as well as in the theatre and on radio. Moreover, she is perhaps best known for portraying Queen Elizabeth II in the historical drama film The King`s Speech, released in 2010.  It was directed by Tom Hooper and also starred Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Timothy Spall. Moreover, it was for this role that she won a BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. However, she missed out on an Academy Award.

Helena first appeared in “A Pattern of Roses” in the film industry in 1983. However, since then, she has been steadily increasing her net worth. Particularly speaking, she has appeared in at least one movie per year until the present. “A Hazard of Hearts” (1987), “Getting It Right” (1989), “Hamlet” (1990), “Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein” (1994), “Jeremy Hardy Gives Good Sex” (1995), to name just a few. Furthermore, “Sweet Revenge” (1998), “Fight Club” (1999), “Big Fish” (2003), “Corpse Bride” (2005), “Terminator Salvation” (2009), “Dark Shadows” (2012) has witnessed her notable presence. “A Therapy” (2012), “Great Expectations” (2012), “Burton & Taylor” (2013). The year 2015 saw Helena appear in “Suffragette” and “Cinderella”.

Did Her appear in Television productions?

Performances on television have also increased her net worth. She has made appearances in some episodes of “Theatre Night” (1989), “Jackanory” (1991), “Absolutely Fabulous” (1994), and “The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century” (1996). Moreover, she started her career on television with “Miami Vice” and “Screen Two”, both released in 1987. Moreover, in 2011, Helena appeared in “Life`s Too Short”.  

Helena has also appeared in many theatrical productions. Moreover, these include performing in “The Tempest” (1987), “The Woman in White” (1988), “The House of Bernarda Alba” (1991), and “The Barber of Seville” (1992), among many others. She is a successful actress in great demand across all acting media and genres. Moreover, confirming both her talent and versatility, these have all contributed considerably to Helena’s net worth. Her success has brought her two National Board of Review Awards, as well as a Satellite Award. Moreover, Helena has been nominated for many other awards. His awards include prestigious names such as Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards and many others.

Who was Her husband?

Raymond Bonham Carter is her husband. He was popular as the father of actress Helena Bonham Carter. However, he was not merely popular because of his daughter’s influence in the film industry. Moreover, he was a renowned British banker. Furthermore, he hailed from the prominent Bonham-Carter family. He was born on 19 June 1929 in Oxford, England. However, he got married to his wife in 1958. Moreover, they had three children, including Edward Bonham Carter and Helena Bonham Carter. Another of his children is Thomas Bonham Carter, a manager of a corporate agency.

How is Her relationship with Her daughter?

The mother and daughter duo has a strong bond. She is often spotted with her daughter at many events and even on the streets. She has been a regular red carpet fixture over Helena’s 30-year career. Moreover, she remains one of her daughter’s favourite people. In the years that preceded her husband’s death, the daughter supported her mother through a three-year mental breakdown. This left her mostly bedridden. 

During an acceptance speech for the Best Supporting Actress BAFTA in 2011, Helena dedicated The King’s Speech accolade, for which she played the Queen Mother, to her mother. She was popular as Helena Bonham Carter’s mother. However, her two other children are Edward Bonham Carter and Thomas Bonham Carter. 

What is Her net worth?

The net worth of this celebrity mother is unknown. Not much is known about her. This is because she was not as popular as her husband and children. Sources estimate that Helena Carter, her daughter, has accumulated a net worth of $30 million. Moreover, with her prolific number of acting appearances, it is not surprising that Carter possesses such wealth.