Top 7 Sites Like GoMovies in 2023

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The popular platforms like the GoMovies had made the movie watching in the homes simply. The movies available here belong to various genres, such as comedy, drama, and science fiction, etc. It contains a large selection of movies that you will love. You can stream them any time you want. But the GoMovies are not the only option you have to see the movies as there are many more also. 


But you have to be careful when choosing the sites to watch the movies as all the sites are not safe. You should not click on the random sites for this. Check if the sites are secure and are also credible. GoMovies is a secure site, and that is the reason why many people are using it to watch movies. So here are the safe and secure sites that are similar to GoMovies. The sites will not contain ads that can ruin the movie-watching experience with pop-ups. Have a look at the list.

Sometimes it is recommended to use the sites with the ad-blockers because it can prevent the ad pop-ups in the middle. The sites like GoMovies are not legal everywhere so that you can view the movies online with the help of a VPN. 

Here is the Seven Amazing Sites To Watch Watch Movies Online Free | GoMovies 

  • #FMovies 


There are many collections of movies on the site FMovies. The site is similar to GoMovies in many ways. Most of the movies presented here are hosted on third party sites, so even when one is down, the others will work. The homepage of the site FMovies contains movie suggestions, new movies, new TV series, and the movies that are requested by the viewers. You can filter the latest movies and series by days, weeks, and even months. To get the best experience out of the site, the ad-blocker is recommended. 

  • #YesMovies 


Even though the YesMovies site is not very similar to that of the GoMovies, it contains some useful features. But the two sites do look similar to look at. YesMovies gives more attention to movies and TV shows. The site has excellent filters that will allow you to group the contents in it according to the type, genre, country, and quality. Most of the movies on this site are the movies that came after the year 2014. However, you can find some older movies here too. 

  • #123Movies 


This is also an online streaming platform solely built for the convenience of the users at home to watch movies easily. It has been providing the latest movies for the users the same as the GoMovies. The site has also been refreshed now to make it easier to utilize. It is also faster now than in the last version. The site contains some of the anime and Asian dramas. The latest movies are included in the site only a short time after the release so you can get a lot of new movies here. 

  • #AZMovies


This site, like its name, has movies from A to Z. If you cannot find the movie you love in other sites, then this is the one for you. The movies are also available in HD format to offer you the best quality movies. The site makes use of two servers, so even when the one is down, the other will work, so you need not be disappointed in the middle of watching movies. The captions are closed for most of the movies for the sake of non-English viewers. If the new movies are released on the site, then the ad will be available on Reddit. So this is easy for the people using Reddit to catch up. 

  • #Movie4K 


It is one of the largest sites to watch movies online. The site offers fast streaming speed and good quality movies free of cost for its users. There is a wide collection of movies that belong to various genres so you can pick and choose. You can sort the movies by their quality, genre, release time, and many more. You can also ask the site to pick a random movie for you if you find it difficult to choose. If you have found the movie you prefer to watch, then click the play button to stream the movie. 

  • #PutLocker 


The site PutLocker has been present for a long time now. Many users are using this site to watch their favorite movies; that is why it has got the trust of many users. The movies offered here are of the highest quality. The movies available here have got multiple mirrors. Many of the site creators have tried to copy the site and had wanted to get hold of the user base. So it is advised before using the site to check if you are using the original site of the PutLocker. Be careful and avoid the imitation sites on the internet. 

  • #Yify Movies 

Yify Movies

The Yify Movies is also the type of site that is not very similar to the GoMovies. But it is an original streaming site which you can use to watch movies. The movies are available in different types of qualities, too, for you to choose. You can also search for the movies in HD quality. If your net is low, you can watch the movies in low quality, or you can wait for a better chance in the future to stream in high quality. 

How to use sites like GoMovies anonymously? 

You can use sites like GoMovies anonymously with the help of the VPN that is a virtual private network. This is a kind of a private tunnel where you can access sites like GoMovies. It can connect the PC to any of the websites on the internet. Many people can see regular internet use, but when you use a VPN, it is as if you are going alone on a road where no one can identify you or see you. Your internet provider will not be able to see what sites you are accessing. To use a VPN, you have to sign up for a safe VPN service. 

The VPN services will mostly allow you to choose the IP address you prefer. You can also bypass through the restrictions that may be imposed geographically. To set up a VPN account and use it, you may have to pay 2 to 15 dollars a month. Most of the providers who offer a VPN service will allow a free trial period for the VPN. This period will ensure if the VPN is effective and you can make a choice to reject or continue with the service. 

On the whole, there are many sites like GoMovies, but only some are safe to use. Therefore only use the sites that are used by many trusted users. It has to be safe and secure.