The Simplest Ways to Encourage Customers to Leave a Review on Your Site

Leave a Review

You may not think too much about reviews in your business and see them more as something that clients can engage with if they so wish. If this is your mindset, then it may well be time to change it. The fact is that reviews are incredibly important when it comes to running your business, both for SEO purposes and for drawing people onto your site and showing prospective customers that you are a business they can put their trust into. 

Why Do Customer Reviews Matter So Much? 

A lot of shoppers won’t tend to buy something unless it has been previously recommended to them by either a friend or somebody else that they know. Online reviews work exactly the same way as people are going to be hesitant to buy from you if you cannot evidence why you should be bought from in the first place. Other sites will likely reference your companies reviews as well. For instance, consider that of Maple Casino at, where Maple Casino provides a rundown on some of the most popular casinos in Canada and what customers think of them. This will have a massive impact on people who use those sites as they will feel much more inclined to visit those at the top of the list. 

So, with their importance in mind, how do you get people to leave a review for your site? 

Make Leaving a Review as Easy as Possible 

People will go out of their way to leave a review if the process is hard, although, they are only likely to do this if they are dissatisfied with the service they have received. People who like the service you offered are going to be much more likely to simply leave satisfied without saying anything else. This is the case unless you make it easy for them to leave a review. This can be either with a box on your site, a checklist upon purchase or a simple “have you enjoyed your experience?” question posed to them. By making it this simple, people will be much more likely to leave you a review. 

Reward Customers If They Leave a Review 

If you provide some kind of incentive for customers who leave a review, they will be much more likely to do as much. This could be something such as 10% off their next order or exclusive access to your next product when it comes out a day before the general public is able to see it. Either way, you are much more likely to have people leave you a review if they are enticed towards doing so. 

Ask Quickly 

If you ask someone to leave a review as soon as they have completed their transaction or as soon as their order is received, they are much more likely to do so. This question should come in the form of a follow-up email if you are saying why reviews are helpful because when people are presented with this as soon as they press order, it can generally be quite frustrating.