Things to Remember While Buying Used Bike Online

Buying Used Bike Online

Whether it is a new two-wheeler or a used bike, the love that a biker has towards it is the same. To own a bike is a special feeling. The second-hand bikes market is now more organized and more trustworthy. Even a few years back the scenario was different when sellers and buyers were interested directly and buyers had no option but to depend on their own knowledge for checking the conditions of the bikes. It’s mostly the affordability that drives people to the second-hand bikes market. As per the data published by Ken Research, the used bikes market is growing in leaps and bounds. The online used two-wheeler market (Revenue) CAGR from FY2018 to FY2020 was 49.5%. On the other hand, Indian used a two-wheeler market CAGR in terms of volume from FY2015 to FY2020 was 15.5%. The working population of the country showing increasing interest in travelling with their own vehicles and bikes is the best option. 

Important things to remember while buying used bikes online

  • Find the purpose of buying secondhand bikes

Think about the objective to purchase a bike. Buying a bike is not just an expense but you have to look after the bike insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc. You need to ask yourself whether you need a bike, which can help you commute efficiently or you want a bike that you can take for long road trips.

  • Conduct thorough research

Once you have an idea regarding the purpose of the bike, you have to research in-depth regarding the various options available. Different bike dealers offer bikes at various prices. The age of the bikes shall vary from one dealer to another. You did not necessarily have to depend on a bike dealer to buy a pre-owned bike. You can buy a bike from an online platform or from a friend. 

  • Test drive the bike

The bike may look highly impressive on the exterior but you should know to ride the bike to know how it feels. Test drive the bike so that you know the performance of the bike in total. If you are completely versed with the bike’s mechanics, even a 5-minute bike ride can say you about the health of the bike. If you are a beginner, you can get a trusted mechanic or an experienced friend to test drive the bike.

  • Check bike history online

You can check the history of the bike online. You can use the VIN o vehicle identification number to legally check the car. The VIN is stamped behind the headlight, Check this number and you can know the history of the vehicle.

  • Servicing records

It shall be ideal when the seller has a servicing record of a bike. It will help you know about the maintenance work and how much more should be done. If there is not any written record, you can ask for an estimate.

  • Ensure proper documentation

There is a list of documents that are needed when you have to buy a pre-owned bike such as the following:

  • Registration certificate
  • Pollution control certificate
  • Bike insurance
  • Sals receipt
  • RTO forms
  • Check used bike value

You can check the value of a used bike online. There are a lot of check bike value online tools that can help you know the actual value of the used bike. This will help you negotiate the price of the used bike. For example, when a bike is not properly maintained or has a dent, its price shall reduce drastically. 

  • Start the bike

It is always recommended to start a bike. It will give you a good idea regarding the condition of the used bike. Check for any unusual noise during acceleration and idling. Check the levers, check indicators, lights, and horns. See how much smoke comes out from the exhaust and check the odd smells. See whether there are heavy vibrations.

  • NOC

You should get the NOC or No Objection Certificate to get the used bike transferred from one RTO to another. 

Bike Dekho Droom Par

It would be an amazing experience for you. The online market of Droom is an organized source of used bikes of all brands popular and lesser-known in India. Buy a used bike online. However, before you buy a pre-owned bike, you should opt for insurance online. This way you can save a lot of money. So, get yourself a used bike by following the above-mentioned tips. In case of any issue, Droom is there to help you.

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