The Future Trends in MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing

Businesses bore the brunt of rampant lockdowns when Covid-19 ravaged the world during the last couple of years. With traditional channels of marketing like newspapers, television advertisements, and door-to-door sales becoming a no-go during these times, many big and small businesses had to face huge amounts of loss; some were even forced to implement mass layoffs to stay above the water while others had to close their doors to customers forever.

However, even during those trying times, we have seen plenty of businesses utilizing the power of online marketing strategies to stay relevant and make ends meet. Marketing strategies that were new and experimental were utilized to the such great success that they have now become mainstream. As the world braces for a recession post-covid, with political turbulence and financial instability being the common theme internationally, let us examine some of the future trends that will shape the future of business courses like an MBA in Marketing.

What is an MBA?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is usually a 2-year postgraduate program that is designed to teach students the skills they need to succeed in the business world. The value of this degree lies in the fact that it can be the boost a working individual needs to break into upper management positions in any company.


The eligibility requirement to get into an MBA program is 50% or more marks secured in your graduation degree at Arya College Jaipur. While having valid scores in a national-level entrance test like CAT, MAT, XAT, etc., will definitely come in handy in securing you one of the limited seats, it is not absolutely necessary.


An MBA degree is often offered with various specializations. These specialisations focus on offering in-depth knowledge of some specific field of business studies while also providing a general knowledge of everything else that a basic MBA degree might provide. Some of the common MBA specializations are:

    • MBA in Accounting
    • MBA in Human Resources Management
    • MBA in Finance
    • MBA in Management
    • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in Marketing

What is an MBA in Marketing?

A Master of Business Administration in Marketing is focused on teaching students the specific skills to successfully market a product or service. It deals with marketing subjects such as analytics, customer relationships, and networking while also including traditional MBA subjects such as finance, accounting, and marketing management. This MBA specialization can be offered either as a full-time or part-time program, with both online and offline options, depending on the college. While the eligibility criteria for this specialization are the same as any other MBA course, the average salary of an MBA in Marketing graduate is often higher than graduates of other MBA specializations like HR or Operations.

Future Trends in MBA in Marketing Courses

The influx of technology into the field of marketing in the last decade has breathed new life into it. While traditional marketing pump and dump techniques are still used by most companies, the mode of delivery and focus has changed quite a lot since 2015. Successful organizations now use online delivery methods to target their customers and as the scope of online marketing increases, marketing courses like MBA Marketing are constantly being updated with these new methods. Let us now look at some of the future trends that will become mainstream in the marketing education and application fields.

Data-Driven Marketing

From buying habits to browsing habits, fitness data, shoe sizes, and everything in between – all are being collected at an insane rate by major companies. This data is today being used by companies to figure out who you are as a person and serve targeted advertisements based on your interests. I have personally lost track of how many times I have been served ads for something I only looked up out of curiosity online on every website and social media site I visit.

As this trend continues, the data will get more accurate to trigger our impulses better. Some companies have even started to design products and services that are born out of customer needs; which they found out from big data. It is a no-brainer then that the best MBA colleges in Jaipur will recognize this trend of using big data to personalize ads and products in the marketing industry and include the study of this in the MBA programs.


The shift to the metaverse has already begun, though the technology is still in its infancy. This virtual world of augmented reality has the potential to offer a lot of value to the marketing teams of brands. For example, last year Walmart-owned homegrown online retailer Flipkart took its first leap into the metaverse, offering a platform for customers to look at a few products in 3D and interact with them in a virtual environment during its Big Billion Days Sale. Bigger brands like Nike, Gucci, and Roblox have already established the metaverse as a solid marketing platform.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is one of the strategies of marketing that has proved immensely effective in the last few years and is definitely here to stay and flourish. The explosion of platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, with their short-form video features, is ideal for marketing. Combined with shoppable ads, organic shoppable posts, influencer content, and in-app purchases, social media commerce is something that is now included in the syllabus of every marketing degree in most private MBA colleges in India.

Leveraging AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been at the forefront of personalization in marketing, and with data repositories of consumer behavior increasing, it is bound to stay so. AI enables a host of lifesavers to marketing teams – from accurate and real-time analytics to optimizing pricing strategies and improving customer experience and support. 


The trends in digital marketing that are in their infancy now but are seeing success are going to become realities in terms of marketing strategies in the future. Automation and personalization are going to be the driving factors in marketing studies and MBA colleges in Rajasthan have already taken note and included these digital marketing strategies in their syllabus for their MBA in Marketing specialization.


  1. Are Chatbots an ideal use of AI in customer support?

Yes. Chatbots have the capacity to replace human workers in customer service for common queries and save lots of money for your organization.

  1. Will an MBA in Marketing teach me about branding?

Yes. MBA in Marketing deals in depth with branding strategies.

  1. What are the other MBA specializations I can avail of at Arya College?

The other MBA specializations that are available at Arya College Jaipur are MBAs in Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

  1. Where can I find admission information about Arya College?

You can visit their website or drop a mail at

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