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Peggy Sheeran

To start with, Peggy Sheeran is the daughter of Irish hitman, Frank Sheeran. The other name of Peggy Sheeran is Margaret Regina Sheeran. Peggy became popular with the media. The reason is the portrayal of her character in the film, The Irishman. It was Martin Scorsese’s 2019 film, where Anna Paquin played Peggy’s character.

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Who is Peggy Sheeran? What about Peggy Sheeran’s Family Background? What is her net worth?

Quick Summary of Peggy Sheeran Wikis

Real Name Peggy Sheeran
Birthday born in 1949
Birthplace USA
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Fictional character
Dating/Girlfriend no
Married/Wife no
Net Worth Under Review
Parents Under Review
Siblings Connie, Irene

Peggy is popular as the daughter of Frank Sheeran, a hitman. Peggy Sheeran worked as an executive assistant for many years. In recent days, she worked as an executive assistant for Unisys. 

The lady was working up to 2013 and got her retirement. Read the latter part of the article to get more information about Peggy Sheeran’s personal life.

About Peggy Sheeran

Peggy Sheeran’s Parents and Siblings:

Peggy Sheeran was born in the year, 1949. Her birth date is not available. Her birthplace is Darby, PA. Peggy father’s name is Frank Sheeran, a hitman. Mary Leddy, who is an Irish immigrant, is her mother.

Peggy belongs to the Catholic religion. Her mother Mary devoted much to the Catholic religion. Frank met Mary at a boxing match. They started dating and tied the knot. The couple was not happy with the married life and led to divorce. 

Peggy has two sisters, MaryAnne Cahill and Dolores Miller. Frank married Irene for the second time. Peggy has one stepsister, Connie Griffin from Frank’s second wife.

Dolores is a Realtor and a medical secretary. She was suffering from a stroke in 2016 and got recovery. Dolores is the strong lady, as she spoke out about her father’s connection with Jimmy Hoffa’s murder.

  • Peggy Sheeran’s Career:

Peggy Sheeran worked in many jobs as an executive assistant. She worked as an executive assistant for Unisys. In 2013, she got retirement from her job. Now, she is leading a simple life in PA. 

There is no information regarding the net worth of Peggy Sheeran. She earned a good income from her job. As of 2020, she is a retired person living a simple life.

About Peggy and her Father:

  • Peggy Sheeran’s Relationship with her Father:

Frank maintains distance from everyone and not with her loving daughter, Peggy. The two of them enjoyed going picnics and trips. 

Peggy started to suspect her father after the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy’s murder happened on August 3, 1975. Such an incident created a gap between Peggy and Frank’s relationship. Peggy decided not to meet his father after the murder incident. 

Peggy decided to stay private from the media. She is staying secret after knowing her father’s connection with the murder. One of her sisters, Dolores spoke out about her father. 

Dolores was accepting her father’s act to the media and the public. As of 2020, Dolores is 55 years old and was working as a Realtor and medical secretary. In 2003, Frank died of health issues. Peggy didn’t even want to attend her father’s death ceremony.

  • Peggy’s Portrayal in the Movie:

Peggy Sheeran’s character portrayal in Martin Scorsese’s film, ‘The Irishman’ made her popular. Anna Paquin acted in Peggy’s role. In that movie, Peggy’s character speaks only a few lines all over the movie. 

What about Peggy Sheeran’s Body Measurements?

There is no information regarding the height, weight, and body measurements of Peggy Sheeran. 

The Bottom Line:

Peggy Sheeran is a simple woman leading a quiet life in PA. She is not active on any of the social networking sites.