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TunesBank Music Converter

Music has become an essential thing in people’s lives, music can enrich your spiritual life and make you get relaxation. When we talk about music, you may talk about the songs you are chasing or listening, like classic music, modern music, popular music, DJ music, rock, hip hop music, jazz, electronic music, country music, etc. Nowadays, More and more music fans listen to music through different music streaming platforms. When you talk about music streaming service, you may be think of Apple Music, Spotify Music, both are the most popular streaming music platform. Apple Music and Spotify offers tons of music for us stream online and offline. Being a music subscriber you could access millions of songs, listen to your loved tracks based on your taste, download music for offline playback on devices for conveniently.

Part 1: Limitations of Apple Music and Spotify

 However, if you want to play Apple Music, you need pay for Apple Music subscription service, and Apple Music provides 3-month free trial for new users. Unlike Apple Music, Spotify offers free online music streaming service, just apply a free Spotify account and login Spotify app or Spotify web player, you can play music online, but if you want to download music for offline listening, you need to subscribe Spotify Premium service, then you’re able to access to millions of ads-free songs, and even download Spotify music for offline playback. However, no matter you have paid for Apple Music or Spotify, you’re not allowed to download music to MP3 player, it means that all downloaded songs are only be played on the authorized device with its app. Even you have download music from Apple Music or Spotify for offline listening, if you cancelled subscription, you’re not allow to access Apple Music tracks any more, and all downloaded songs from Spotify turned into online mode again.


How to make Apple Music and Spotify Music being accessible even after the music subscription ends? How to play the music on any devices offline? In this case, you need a reliable music converter. To talk about the streaming music converter, what will you think of? That’s what we are going to talkabout, a perfect music partner for you and show you its features, with the help of TunesBank Music Converter, you can download and convert streaming music easily, quickly and freely, so that you can enjoy Apple Music and Spotify Music without any restrictions. Let’s please keep reading this post, you will get the best tool todownload Apple Music and Spotify Music to MP3, then you’re able to offline play Apple Music tracks and Spotify music on any devices freely, even burning them to CD.

Part 2: Your Perfect Music Partner – TunesBank

TunesBank Music Converter is a well-known Music Downloader as well as a Music Converter, allowing people to save Apple Music and Spotify Music to the computer with ease. As a result, people are able to enjoy downloaded music smoothly without music subscription. Besides, all the converted music files will be output in a plain format which can be transferred for playing on any device offline, such as MP3 player, iPods, Android smartphone, Android tablet, smart TV, wearable devices, PSP, Xbox One, SD card, USB flash drive, car player system, audio speaker, and more.

Objectively speaking, Apple Music Converter and Spotify Music Converter are the two star products of TunesBank company. After testing, both TunesBank Apple Music Converter and TunesBank Spotify Music Converter are the perfect music partner to fix all your music issues in life. Support for all music contents, like songs, playlists, albums, podcasts, audiobooks. TunesBank Music Converter is an all-in-one music converter that supports a wide range of output formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV. After that, you will get DRM-free music contents and make full usage of them in life. What make TunesBank Music Converter stands out among so many music converters in the market? It will preserve with high-quality audio and all ID3 tags in output music files, that promise user get a terrific music listening experience after batch conversion. In addition, the whole process will finished at up to 10X faster conversion, which will save your precious time.


Part 3: Main Features of TunesBank Music Converter

TunesBank Music Converter is an awesome Apple/Spotify Music Converter for both PC/Mac users in 2022. It lets you remove DRM protection from music tracks and download music to MP3 at fast conversion speed, keeping the original output audio quality simultaneously. Let see the main features of TunesBank Music Converter in detail.

TunesBank Music Converter

Download Tracks from Apple Music and Spotify Music

As you know, Apple Music and Spotify Music is music content copyright protection, it means that you can’t download them to the computer directly. The music you downloaded from its official app under music subscription are just cache files, it will be inaccessible once the music subscription ends. After that, you will be not able to access the grayed music again. Thanks to TunesBank Music Converter, you could download Apple Music and Spotify Music to the computer as local files, and play them offline even after canceling the music subscription.


Convert Apple Music and Spotify Music to MP3, etc,.

With advanced technology, TunesBank Music Converter has ability to convert Apple Music to MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV and other more general audio formats, as well as converting Spotify music to MP3, and the converted music be compatible with most devices/players. It is the best way to keep Apple Music and Spotify Music be playable forever on your devices without paying, you own the favorite music truly. In this way, you are allowed to manage, transfer Apple Music or Spotify Music as you like.

Spotify Music to MP3

High Audio Quality & Fast Speed

TunesBank Music Converter assist to complete batch music conversion in 1:1 fast speed. Allows add multiple songs or playlist at once, you can quickly convert a music playlist that includes hundreds of songs with the shortest time possible. It’s worth mentioning that fast speed won’t affect the output quality, which means the output audio quality will be exactly the same as the original music quality (320Kbps) after conversion.

Preserve with All ID3 Tags & Metadata

Be different from other music converters on the Internet, for advanced ID tag identification technology,TunesBank Music Converter will preserve with all ID3 tags and all metadata in output music files, like title, artist, album, year, genre, cover pictures, etc,. When the music conversion finishes, you may easily search the music and control or manage the converted music tracks. Besides, organize the converted songs and recognize them when playing them on music players that can read ID3 information.


Play Apple Music and Spotify Music on Any Devices Offline

TunesBank Music Converter as a great music converter tool, is capable of download and convert Apple Music and Spotify Music for more personal usages. As a result, you will get local music files that be saved on your computer, you can make full use of them in life, play Apple Music and Spotify Music on any devices offline. For example, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, wearable devices, PSP, Xbox One, SD card, USB flash drive, car player system, audio speaker, and more.


Part 4: Tech Specification of TunesBank Music Converter

TunesBank is a reliable company that provides the most professional music downloading and converting services with customer, which is designed with clear user-interface, no any skills required in operation. It offer lifetime upgrade service and technical support service for customer. TunesBank Apple Music Converter and TuneBank Spotify Music Converter has updated the latest version of maOS 12 and Windows 11, making it being compatible on all models of Mac and Windows. In order to meet the needs of more users in different countries and rgions, TunesBank supports English, Japanese, French, German and Chinese Traditional.

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP (32 bit or 64 bit).

Mac: MacOS 10.13and above.

Plans and Pricing

Lifetime Plan: $69.95 for 1 PC/Mac.

Free support/Lifetime updates, 30 days money back guarantee.

Final Words

TunesBank Music Converter is absolutely the perfect music partner for Apple Music fans and Spotify Music fans. If you want to enjoy Apple Music or Spotify Music without limits and make full use of them in life, these top TunesBank Apple Music Converter and TunesBank Spotify Music Converter are definitely suit for you. It will give you the best solution to get local Apple Music and Spotify Music with high audio quality. Just make your decision correctly to try it! If you need more help about purchasing these excellent products, please contact us via Sincerely!