A Guide to Sending Cold Emails

Cold Emails

Emails are a way of communication in our everyday lives and a powerful tool in business. Companies use emails to communicate with their customers and promote their products and services. There are two types of business emails: cold and hot. A cold email is written for the first time to a person you have not communicated with. This can be a potential lead that can become your customer after they read the message. Or this can be your customer who you have not talked to.

Cold emails are used in several ways, and one of them is lead generation. This means a company sends a message to a potential lead as part of its marketing strategy. To send such emails, it is necessary first to collect the addresses of potential leads. Cold emails are also important because they help companies are selling their products.

Sometimes, such messages can be used to send an invitation to a customer. For example, you can send a cold email if you have a webinar or workshop and need to invite your audience. Moreover, cold emailing can be a way to market research. It allows you to ask your customers questions and get important data.

Tips to Send a Cold Email Effectively

Tips to Send a Cold Email Effectively

A cold email is a powerful tool in business if you send it correctly. So it is necessary to write compelling text and apply the proper formatting. This can be difficult if you do not have a writing education or are not a designer. For this reason, you should follow some essential tips to make your emails work. In this article, we will look at writing cold email tips.

Use Credible Information to Make Your Customers Trust You

It is important to adopt an individual approach to customers when sending a cold email. What is more, customers need to know who is sending them a message. It is much more effective when they do not only see your email address. They start perceiving you as a person, not a simple email sender. This makes customers interested in what you are writing about. This also creates important trust both in your writing and in your company in general.

For this reason, when sending a cold email, you should provide information on your company. Write the name of the company and its designation, and provide links to social media. Attaching your email signature to make customers remember you is also great. This also means that you need to create a vivid first line when you state this information. This line will be shown with your email address and will interest the reader. So, customers get a clear idea of who you are and decide whether they would read the email.

What is more, when writing a cold email, it is important to write from a professional address. Otherwise, people may not take you seriously and will not trust your words. If you use a professional address, the message seems credible.

Follow the Main Rules on a Subject Line

A subject line is what your customer will see first when they open the email. When they read the subject line, they decide whether to read the text further. Why is a subject line so important? First of all, it attracts the attention of your customers. If it is effective, people will click on your email in their box and read it. Second, a good subject line shows that your company is trustworthy and you know what you are talking about. So, what are the main rules for creating a vivid subject line?

Make the Subject Line with an Individual Approach

The main rule is to make a personalized subject line that speaks directly to the customer. When talking to them, it is extremely important to mention the customer’s name and designation. Yet, you should go further if you want to get more attention. It is crucial to do some research on the life of your potential lead. You should research their personal life and their work. This would help you write an email that would touch the really interesting spheres to your customer.

For example, if you have found a customer on social networks, you can mention their recent posts. You may write that you agree with and like their posts and then develop the topic. Another option is to mention the city where you are from and talk about it first.

Make Sure that Your Subject Line is not Too Long

Another important rule when creating a subject line is to make it short enough. You may imagine how it is boring to read a too long subject line each time in your mailbox. Customers value their time and won’t read a long line. Moreover, sometimes a long subject line can’t be visible on mobile devices. So, customers may not see the full text and may not understand what you wanted to say.

So, what is the optimal length for your subject line? The best option is to make it 7 words long, not more or less. If you make it less than 7 words, you won’t be able to express your idea in such a short line. Moreover, you can use a short question to interest your readers.

Use Testing of How Your Subject Line Works

Cold emails can be different for different companies. For each company, there are emails and subject lines that work best. For this reason, you should constantly check what works best for your organization. How to do this? You can imagine several subject lines in different styles and send several such emails. Then, you will see which of these emails works and make a list of what you need to stress. It is also good to use special software to make the calculation process faster.

Make Sure that Your Email Is Relevant to the Reader

Make Sure that Your Email Is Relevant to the Reader

When the customer opens your email, they start reading the introduction. So, you have several sentences to interest them and attract their attention. They will skip your email or the spam box if they are not interested. Your client first thinks of who the email is from. Then, the most important question for them is what you want from them. People first think about themselves, so they will assess if the email is relevant to them. Then, they will think of what they need to do and what they can get from this email.

Make Your Email Special for the Customer

This means that you must write an unusual email for the customer and attracts their attention. They should not think that you are a simple manager who sends them emails from work. Do not make the email boring, and do not write a simple formal email without peculiarities. You should write a boring first line similar to many other emails. Think of how to make it special. There are several options to do that.

For example, you can start your email with a small joke which does not harm the individual. You should make sure that your introduction directly states what you need and talks about your topic. The introduction should also be personalized and adopt an individual approach. You can also compliment the reader, which should also be personalized. Another option is to ask the reader for feedback on your products or services.

Make a Clear and Useful Content

Your customer needs a reason to read the email. So, you should make sure that they will read content that is useful and interesting to them. A cold email has the main purpose of offering your company value. First of all, you should present what your product can offer to the customer. Try to write specifically about the issues the product solves and its benefits. It should be relevant and make the life of your customer happier.

You can also write some advantages of your company, but you need to make the benefits of the product mainly. Think of possible email design ideas which will attract the customer’s attention. Moreover, you should write about what makes you different from other companies. You should also include information on why the customer should choose the product.

Write a Call-to-Action at the End

Your customers should understand what you want them to do, and this attracts their attention. For this reason, using a call-to-action statement in your email is vital. In most cases, you should write them at the end after the whole content of your email.

A call-to-action is a phrase that asks the customer to make certain actions after they have read your email. It is an important marketing tool that contains only one sentence with the call. A typical call-to-action phrase (CTA) should contain 8 to 10 words. It should be short of making the customer easily understand what they need to do.

How to define what your need to write in the call-to-action sentence? First of all, you should define the purpose of writing the cold email. You should clearly understand what you want the customer to do. For example, you may ask them to answer this email or visit a meeting you organize.

In your call-to-action phrase, you should state why the customer needs to do what you want. For example, shortly provide the benefits they will get. Make sure you state the purpose of what they will do and what they will get from it. If you want to invite them for a meeting, provide a specific time and date at once. You may also ask questions about when the customer is available.

If you are writing to a company, you should make sure that you make a valuable connection with them. It is crucial in cold emails when you contact the company for the first time. For example, you can contact the company executive you are writing to. You will provide the benefits you can present to their company and then ask them to connect you with the right person in their company. This is especially necessary if you do not know to who you should write an email.


In conclusion, emails are a powerful tool for business to promote their products and services. A cold email is sent when you write to the customer or lead for the first time. It is important to attract the attention of your customer and make them trust your company. When writing a cold email and sending it, it is necessary to follow several main rules. When sending a cold email, it is important to write your personal information and not only provide your email address. Customers need to know who they talk to, so you should provide your name and the company’s information.

Writing an attractive subject line that should follow some main tips is also essential. In the subject line, you need to address the customer personally to make them interested. So you should first write their name in the subject line. But you should also do some research on their personal and working life and show your understanding of it. This would make the email relevant to the customer.

The subject line should not be too long or too short. The ideal line would be 7 words long. Moreover, you should regularly test the subject line by sending emails in different styles and looking at what works for you.

You should show that your email is necessary for the customer in your cold email. Make sure that it is relevant to them and that they know who the email is from. They should also know what you want from them and how the email will help them in their lives. The first lines in the introduction should attract the customer’s attention. So, you need to make them stand out from the usual formal emails they constantly get. In the body of your email, it is vital to show your product’s advantages to the customer.