5 Signs of a Failing Marriage That You Should Never Ignore

Signs of a Failing Marriage

Many people are cynical about marriage in contemporary society. But when you look at the statistics, the divorce rate is actually falling. While it may seem impossible to think of it now, you can save your marriage. 

The best way to save a failing marriage is to understand the signs. You can’t address the problem if you don’t know there is one in the first place.

This article will walk you through severe signs of a failing marriage and let you know what you can do to help your love shine again. 

1. You’re Spending Less Time Together 

One of the most important aspects of a marital relationship is the sharing of space. You’re not expected to spend every moment together, but if as your relationship has progressed you’ve noticed that you’re looking forward to time apart, this could signal a problem. 

2. You Have Less Sex

Most couples have sex around once a week. Sex is an important part of maintaining long-term relationships. While the passion for your spouse might not come quite as strong as it did in the beginning, intimacy is the glue that holds you together. 

Having less sex might not seem bothersome at first, and might even be a relief. However, if it keeps up, you and your partner might start looking in other places for sex.  

3. You’re Considering An Affair 

A lack of sex can lead to an affair — one of the most damaging things that can happen to your relationship. An affair doesn’t just signify a lack of trust, it also signifies a lack of communication, intimacy, and boundaries. 

Affairs are about more than just sex. If you don’t feel like you and your spouse are able to connect anymore, your brain might start to seek the connection you and your spouse used to have in another person. You could project qualities onto this person that they don’t really have. 

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4. You Fight Over the Same Things

Fights are common and natural in a relationship (so long as they don’t turn into abuse). However, if your fights seem repetitive, unproductive, and unresolved, you might need to seek couples therapy. 

Fighting in a relationship is inevitable, but you should always be able to forgive your partner and move on in the end. 

5. You’ve Stopped Fighting

Conversely, if you used to fight more often and never fight anymore, this could also signify a problem. Use your judgment; if you and your spouse are happy and don’t fight because you agree, that’s not a bad thing. However, if your lack of fighting comes from a place where you simply don’t care anymore, this could mean the relationship is on the rocks. 

Understand These Signs of a Failing Marriage

When you understand these signs of a failing marriage, you’re far more likely to seek the help you need. The first step to finding a solution is admitting — and realizing — that there’s a problem in the first place. 

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