Learn About Jason Tian, The Brother Of Lil Tay

Jason Tian

A lot of you might have heard of Lil Tay, the rapper. Well, she rose to fame back in 2018 but disappeared shortly. However, now, due to her brother Jason Tian, she has once again arrived under the spotlight. So, her brother Jason has done something that’s not very appropriate at all. Now, her brother has returned to running Lil’s social media page with claims of abuse from her father. 

Moreover, it’s worth noting that this is not the first time that her brother Jason is under the pump. For example, there was a previous occasion where he came to the headlines for some serious crimes. For example, fans had raised an allegation that Jason has created a fake persona to dupe the whole internet. 

So, if you wish to know more about Jason Tian’s deed then go through this article. In addition, we will also share some interesting Infos on Lil Tay and her life. 

Find Out About Jason Tian, The Brother Of Lil Tay

So, as you probably know, Jason Tian is the brother of Lil Tay. Actually, there was an occasion where he faced a lot of fire from people. To elaborate, people have accused him of coaching his sister and creating her ‘fake’ online personality. He had done it to dupe the fans on the internet, as per the reports. 

You might be wondering how it happened in the first place, right? So, as per the sources, there was a seven-minute video on YouTube. According to the reports, it was NessGod who posted that video on the video-sharing platform. 

So, in that seven-minute video, he claimed that Tian had invented his younger sister’s loud-mouth personality. Now, why did he do that in the first place, you might wonder, right? So, he further added that Jason created this fake persona of his sister because he couldn’t find fame as a rapper. 

As per the reports, he also wished to become a rapper but couldn’t. Therefore, he was suffering from an inferiority complex. So, this is perhaps what ignited him to do such a thing. Now, to provide more information on the matter, he went with the stage name ‘Rycie’. In other words, he rapped on the stage with that pseudonym. However, he didn’t get much success from it and stopped that account. 

A Viral Video Of Him Coaching His Sister

So, there was a video that went viral where Tian told Lil to do as he say. In fact, he also advised him on what to say or how to act. Someone posted that video back in 2018. Thereafter, a few people began to doubt Lil. In other words, they even questioned her authenticity as a celebrity figure as well. 

Lil’s GoFundMe Campaign & What Tian Has To Say About It

So, Tian has once again made a comeback after he shared a GoFundMe with a goal of 150,000 USD. He said, “ALL FUNDS raised through this GoFundMe will go towards Tay’s legal fees to give her the fighting chance in court to save her from a life of abuse”. However, the page has only raised about 15k USD. 

On this note, it’s worth noting that Lil is in court against her absentee father Chris Hope. As per the reports, he along with his wife Hanee Hope has mentally and physically abused Lil Tay. 

However, Jason Tian says that his sister doesn’t have the money to fight this legal battle because Chris has signed million-dollar deals and has taken all of Lil’s money for himself.

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