Online Carbide Manufactures the Best End Mills For Aluminum

Online Carbide Manufactures the Best End Mills For Aluminum

Aluminum can be a tricky material to work with due to its “softness” compared to other metals. Using the right End Mill can make the difference between consistently clean cuts and cuts that require dressing and Online Carbide produces the Best End Mills For Aluminum.

End Mills Are the Do-All Tool

End Mills can be used for:

  •  Milling
  •  Profiling
  •  Contouring
  •  Slotting
  •  Counterboring
  •  Drilling
  •  Reaming

The Best End Mills for Aluminum Avoid Problems

There are four problems that an End Mill can encounter:

1. Chatter – the tendency for the tool to vibrate while performing its function
2. Chips adhering to the Mill – the tendency for tiny “chips” of aluminum to stick to the Mill
3. Abrasive Resistance – the hardness of the Aluminum to resist cutting
4. Controlling Large Number of Chips – Aluminum produces a higher volume of “chips” which must be removed from the cutting area for the Mill to do its job properly

Each of these problems can cause the End Mill to underperform and, in some cases, fail altogether.

Why Online Carbide Manufactures the Best End Mills for Aluminum

The true test of any tool is its ability to do its job and to perform for extended periods of time. Online Carbide makes their End Mills for Aluminum with a 37 degree helix design and 3 flutes. This allows the cut Aluminum material to slough away from the End Mill with greater efficiency preventing chips from adhering to the End Mill. It also allows for the removal of the high volume of chips from the machined area. Chips that remain on the End Mill’s cutting surfaces causes unwanted edges and microscopic tears in the aluminum’s surfaces.

One more thing Online Carbide builds into their End Mills for Aluminum is Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) coating on the cutting surfaces to enhance tool longevity and cutting accuracy. By adding Zirconium Nitride to the cutting edges on its best End Mill for Aluminum, Online Carbide insures its End Mill will outperform its competitor’s products.

The Right Sizes For Aluminum-cutting End Mills

Online Carbide manufactures its Aluminum-cutting End Mills in the following sizes:

  •  ? inch – ½ inch length of cut, 1 ½ inch OAL
  •  3/16 inch – ? inch length of cut, 2 inch OAL
  •  ¼ inch – Âľ inch length of cut, 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  5/16 inch – 13/16 inch length of cut, 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  ? inch – 1 inch length of cut, 2 ½ inch OAL
  •  ½ inch – 1 ÂĽ inch length of cut, 3 inch OAL
  •  ? inch – 1 ? inch length of cut, 3 ½ inch OAL
  •  ¾ inch – 1 Âľ inch length of cut, 4 inch OAL

Go to Online Carbide’s website at and you’ll see all the information on Aluminum-cutting End Mills and dozens of other high quality machine tools.

Online Carbide Tools are Made in the USA

When a company manufactures their products in the USA there is a built-in expectation of higher quality. Online Carbide reinforces the expectation of higher quality by making their tools with 10% Cobalt Micrograin insuring stronger metal stock to start with, unlike many offshore tool manufacturers. By manufacturing their tools to higher standards, the company knows its tools are going to perform longer and better, making them the best.

Added Value Included

When Online Carbide makes a great took, there’s real value. When Online Carbide sells a great tool, the value just keeps on coming! Selling factory direct means Online Carbide’s customers don’t pay high middleman markups of 40% to 50% or more. That’s a great value add and orders over $250 get Free Shipping and that’s even more value. Put the whole deal together and you’re not going to find a better offer for the best End Mills for Aluminum. It’s that simple.

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