How The Broncos Suffered An Embarrassing Defeat To Los Angeles Rams

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and his Denver Broncos suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. Thus, this was one of the earliest wins in the Christmas season. The loss was embarrassing because it was about a 51-14 score in the end.

The Rams exhibited brilliant performance. Naturally, the match was in their favor. 

In the game, Wilson was sacked six times. He then threw three interceptions. Then he only once reached the end zone on a touchdown pass to tight end Greg Dulcich in the fourth quarter.

Cam Akers, the Rams’ running back, had a breakout day. He was known for scoring three touchdowns along with the rest of L.A.’s offense.

Los Angeles Rams

What led to the Denver Broncos’ loss?

There were collective agents in play that lead to the loss of the team. Most importantly the team lacked planning as well as execution. Naturally, the strategies were not in place. It impacted the overall quality of the game. Nathaniel Hackett as well as his staff could not anticipate this. 

The momentum of the game was impacted due to many reasons. The Broncos committed silly penalties at large. The most notable of which was Randy Gregory’s inexplicable personal foul in the fourth quarter. This then parked a row on the sidelines.

What did the Denver Broncos not learn?

If there is one lesson that the team has not learned is not focusing on having patience in the offense. They perform better when they complete drives, move the ball, and complete easy completions. However, Wilson hauled it up the sideline to a well-covered Courtland Sutton on the first play of Sunday. The Broncos punted for the first time after a 1-yard run and an incomplete pass. This served as a preview of the day’s events.

Biggest problem

In general, injuries cannot be considered a potential excuse to reckon with. But repeated injuries for the Broncos have indeed been problematic. It is debilitating for the team, starting from Justin Simmons to 21 other players in injury. This is one of the biggest reasons for the compromised offense.

What is interesting is that the Rams got a significant advantage because of it. Any opponent will use such situations for their gain. This is expected in any game.

Albeit Russell Wilson and the Broncos coming out from such a stance is difficult, it is not impossible. So one can be skeptical, but the possibility of a comeback can also be ignored.

The performance of the Rams

It goes without saying that the best performance of the Rams was in the offense section. It was by far their best game of the season. Tyler Higbee has not scored earlier in the 13 games of the season, but in this one, he got nine catches for 94 yards as well as two touchdowns. 

Baker Mayfield was the quarterback for Higbee. He scored three touchdowns in two games. ESPN Stats & Information reports that Mayfield is tied for second among quarterbacks with 39 touchdown passes to tight ends since joining the NFL.

In the first quarter, the Rams used takeaways to score two touchdowns. Entering the game, collectively, they did so just once this season. Even though the offense had a few short fields, it was able to score against a great Broncos defense, which allowed an average of 18.1 points per game, which was third in the league. The Rams scored about 17 points in the first quarter.


Overall it gives us a lot to expect from future matches. But then again, many variables are unpredictable in this case.

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