Reasons Why Satellite TV Is a Better Pick than Cable

Satellite TV
Satellite dish with blue sky

There is no better way to kill boredom than to watch your favorite shows on the television. However, people often get confused when it comes to the type of connection that they should opt for. Cable has been dominating the market for far too long. But there are other options as well that have surfaced like satellite TV. Although both cable and satellite TV are great picks, the latter has proved to be a tad bit better than the former. And many providers have started to offer satellite TV services. You can call on any of the ISPs’ support numbers like the Spectrum customer service phone number to know if they are providing the service.

Why Is Satellite TV Better than Cable?

There are many reasons that prove satellite TV to be a better option than cable. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. High Definition

One of the major factors that set satellite TV apart from cable is high definition. You see, with satellite TV, you will be to enjoy all the content in HD. And who doesn’t want that, right? The picture quality will be crisp. Plus, the resolution will be simply breathtaking. If you are going to opt for satellite TV, you will get an impressive selection of HD channels. The cable on the other hand doesn’t offer this. Instead, it will offer a selection of local HD channels.

So, if you want access to all the popular channels that you love, satellite TV is the best option! Plus, you will be glad to know that some providers include a few major HD channels in their basic deals. So, whenever you call them, do ask if you can get a few HD movie channels with the plan you are choosing.

2. Low Pricing

This is another reason why satellite TV takes the lead over cable. However, you should note that satellite TV providers bind subscribers to a 2-year contract. Cable providers don’t usually do that. Also, you have to know that the providers of both cable and satellite TV offer the service in tiered packages. Even though the satellite TV providers are binding you to a contract, know that they will be giving you a higher channel count.

Moreover, you will find it interesting to know that the rates advertised by the cable providers last for only 12 months. As soon as the first year is completed, these providers will increase the cost. Hence, it can be said that the satellite TV providers offer a better price per month as compared to cable, making it an ideal option to choose.

3. More Channels

Satellite TV offers a whole lot of channels as compared to cable. And what’s good is that opting for this service will give you access to a few premium channels like CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and HBO for free. However, do note that they won’t be free of charge for long. This offer will usually last for a few months. What’s more? With satellite TV you will get a higher coverage of local, international, and sports programming. But what does it mean? Well, due to the fact that satellite TV includes the entire country in its coverage area, you can get to enjoy both east-and-west coast shows. In addition, you can expect to find some additional options for free.

4. Easily Available

Satellite TV is more readily available than cable, especially in rural areas. Cable is not present in the rural areas of the country. Hence, the people there rely on TV to fulfill their entertainment needs. Apart from the rural areas, people located in urban locations can also opt for this service. However, do note that there will be times when cable TV will be preferred in urban localities. For instance, you should opt for it when you live in an apartment that shares a wall with a different building. Also, if there are obstacles like barns or trees, where you are situated, TV may not work the best for you!


Satellite TV is the ultimate answer to your entertainment needs. After all, it is economical as compared to cable and offers a good selection of national HD channels. With this service, you can get to enjoy your favorite channel and that too in crisp picture quality. Moreover, satellite TV is widely available across the United States. Also, it is prone to weather interference!