December Global Holidays: 10 Most Popular Spiritual Happiness You Need To Celebrate

December Global Holidays

December Global Holidays – Festivals, the idea related to the celebration, get-togethers, and the chance to laugh together are the things that make us feel happy. It is one of the reasons why many tend to wait for the festivals. But, sadly, although almost all the months are packed with festivities, there is a lack in December 2022 calendar. Or is there? If there is a lack, all you have to do is count the overall December Global Holiday to increase it.

december global holidays

December is already a “party month” in which everyone waits for New Year 2023 and Christmas. However, if you didn’t know it any better, this month has many other global holidays as well. Although these global holidays refer to different cultural and religious backgrounds, it is still fun to celebrate them because there is no greater thing than celebrating humanity and togetherness.

If you too wish to celebrate all of these global holidays by understanding their relevance, you do not require any best translation service agency or a Russian, French, German, Jewish or Spanish translator, just the festive spirit in you to make things happen in a new way.

Here is list of December Global Holidays In 2023

Names Of Global Festivities In December calendar 2022 Dates Of December Global Holidays
Second Sunday In Advent 4th December
Immaculate Conception 8th December
Third Sunday in Advent 11th December
Fourth Sunday in Advent 18th December
Winter Solstice 21st December
Western Christmas 25th December
Boxing Day & St. Stephen’s Day 26th December
Philippines Rizal Day 29th December
Western New Year’s Eve 31st December


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A Path To Spiritual Happiness: In this article we share updated, Most Popular December Global Holidays 2023 You Need To Celebrate Now

December Global Holidays IN 2023

Date Of December Global Festivities Name Of December Global Holidays 2023 Holiday location
December 1, 2023 National Day United Arab Emirates
December 1, 2023 World AIDS Day United states
December 4, 2023 Farmer’s Day Ghana
December 6, 2023 Independence Day Finland
December 6, 2023 Constitution Day Spain
December 7, 2023 King Bhumibol’s Birthday Thailand
December 10, 2023 Constitution Day Thailand
December 12, 2023 The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe Mexico
December 13, 2023 Republic Day Malta
December 16, 2023 Victory Day Bangladesh
December 16, 2023 Day of Reconciliation South Africa
December 18, 2023 National Day Qatar
December 21, 2023 Yule Multiple Types
December 24, 2023 Independence Day Christmas Eve, Libya
December 25, 2023 Christmas Day, (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) Various Countries, Pakistan
December 26, 2023 Boxing Day Various Countries
December 26, 2023 Independence and Unity Day Slovenia
December 29, 2023 Unduvap Full Moon Poya Sri Lanka
December 30, 2023 Rizal Day, Philippines
December 31, 2023 New Year’s Eve, Various Countries
December 31, 2023 Ōmisoka (大晦日) Japan


so if you have got a chance to celebrate with the people you love extensively, do so. following we have mentioned the ten december global holiday that you can take as an excuse to be with your family and friends for a bit longer….

December Global Holidays is a long list of 2023. That is why in many places, many refer to this month as a vacation month. Even though in some places of the world, many may experience freezing weather, people still come together to enjoy the festivities together.

Santa Lucia:

Santa Lucia

The date of celebration for Santa Lucia is set on December 13th. Santa Lucia is an Italian saint who sacrificed his life. After that, the whole community marked her as a martyr and considered her the figure of light in the darkness.

Moreover, people tend to celebrate the moment every year on December 13th. Mostly in Scandinavia and Italy, people celebrate the martyr. Also, on this day, people tend to perform processions as well.

Along with that, the singers tend to dress in white clothes and march with white candles. They perform this ritual every year to celebrate and honor Saint Lucia. Normally those who follow Saint Lucia participate in this occasion, but you can do it too.

New Year’s Eve:

New Year's Eve

It is the largest global celebration where anyone can take part. In fact, it doesn’t even matter what their caste, culture, and creed is. Normally it is the last day according to the Gregorian calendar on December 31st. Many know this day as Old Year’s Day or as Saint Sylvester’s Day in a lot of places.

Even the method of partying is very different. Some celebrate it by praying, while many tend to party hard. Nonetheless, the event aims to bring a plethora of emotions to those who take part. New Year’s Eve has become vital. It brings forth emotions like joy, sorrow, elation, and regret of not fulfilling the resolution.

Although in each culture, many tend to follow their traditional way to ring in the new year. Meanwhile, giving way to the old. However, these traditions have kept the celebration alive. Hence, with each unique method, you are bound to find happiness and warmth.



Festivus is one of the festivals that is not a “festival” in the real sense of terms. However, if we are not speaking theologically, it is a celebration. Those who are against Christmas tend to celebrate the Festivus.

The date of celebration of this occasion is set on December 23rd. However, a large body of people celebrates it in the United States majorly. Moreover, it began by entering popular culture in 1997 through the popular series Seinfeld.

One of the episodes in Seinfeld, titled “The Strike,” proposed the idea of celebrating Christmas by rejecting it. Strange, right? While you may think it is an excuse to reject the concept of Christmas, there is a reason behind it.

The major goal behind the objective of Festivus is to end the Christmas shopping done by the people. Although at first there were many criticisms regarding officiating the Festivus. However, many have started celebrating it. Thus, turning it into a tradition.

What Day is Christmas 2023


Don’t know what day is Christmas? It is the heart and soul of December for which many tend to wait for irrespective of the cultural background they hail from. We celebrate Christmas on Sunday, 25 December to observe the birth of Jesus Christ.

Moreover, it is one of the popular December Global Holidays 2023. However, in the scriptures, the birth of Jesus is not in December. Therefore, although it has lost its religious significance, the majority indulge in it because it has become a culture in itself. That is why many non-Christians celebrate Christmas.

On this day, family members and close friends tend to give gifts to each other. Also, they throw parties and decorate their homes. The five days starting from Christmas eve to new year is a week of celebration for people across the globe.



Normally celebrated among Africans, Kwanzaa seeks to honor African values. The African community celebrates it from December 26th to January 1st. Moreover, it has also become one of the major December holidays in the United States.

With many people coming forward to learn and respect the African community and their cultural values, it is something that many indulge in. However, it’s also worth telling that according to history, it was Dr. Maulana Karenga who first created this celebration. Although they first observed it during the Watts riots in Los Angeles, California, after 1966.

The word “Kwanzaa” is from the Swahili language. It refers to the meaning “First.” Moreover, it also signifies the phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” which implies “the first fruits’. The people tend to celebrate this by dancing to African music. Also, this is a celebration of art. Hence, many participate in telling stories, poetry, and more.



The Yule festival is a lengthy one that starts on December 21st and ends on January 1st. Commonly celebrated in Germany, this particular event tends to honor the Norse God Odin. Interchangeably known as Yuletide, it is a pagan festival that people celebrate in the name of Odin.

Moreover, it also falls on the winter solstice that makes it one of the oldest festivals. It is also a custom followed by many people in Germany. People mark the festival by first developing the Yule Altar. However, they will then offer the flower to mother nature.

Boxing day:

Boxing day

Boxing day is celebrated on December 26th in a few countries worldwide. Moreover, the heritage of the festivals appears from the medieval ages of the United Kingdom. It is at this day when the authority opened the alms boxes for the poor. Moreover, they distributed them among them.

Moreover, many follow the tradition in many places during boxing days. It has become one of the major activities, namely a public holiday, in Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia. Further, during the boxing day, soccer and horse races occur to initiate the whole event. Also, even the Irish call the day St. Stephen’s Day.



The traditional Ōmisoka happens on 32dt December. Normally, it is popular among the Japanese because they celebrate it in Japan on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, they start with great mirth leaving all the past things of worry behind. During this time, they eat noodles.

They either eat a bowl of Toshi Koshi-soba or toshikoshi-udon. It is a party of tradition that every Japanese person takes part in. Then, at midnight people tend to visit the Japanese temples and shrines to pray to God about good fortune.



Hanukkah, which is known to us as Chanukah as well, is a Jewish festival. Moreover, they celebrate the festival from November 28th to December 6th. It is celebrated for remembering the dedication of the Jerusalem temple after the Maccabean revolt took place.

The occasion is also a festival of lights and calls in the Hebrew calendars. Hence it starts on the 25th of Kislev. People who participate in this festival also tend to light the menorah every day for eight days straight. Then the people will eat traditional Hanukkah food like fried doughnuts, potato cakes, etc.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

Celebrated on December 1st, James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter first created this day in 1987. Now, this day is officially celebrated in many places to spread awareness about AIDS. It is because of this why it has become a December Global Holidays. 

Also, those who have come in contact with AIDS need a day to engage effectively. On this day, they can speak about it freely without any restraints. The more people talk about the disease, the better they get a grasp of the whole thing. Therefore, it’s possible to have a clear thought and also promote safe s*x.

December 2022 calendar

Ending note:

These are the famous ten December Global Holidays that the people celebrate globally. These festivals show how amidst the diversity, there is a sense of unification. Also, it helps us locate the origin and history of different cultural festivities. All the festivals have an origin that speaks for themselves. So, bring the joy of festivity through celebration.

Here is list of December Global Holidays In 2023

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