Tips for Choosing the Right Windows Replacement Units for Your Home

Windows Replacement

Deciding to carry out windows replacement takes a lot of self-convincing, but finding the correct replacement window type is more challenging than you may think. There are many window styles in the market to choose from, and selecting a window style out of the many can be challenging to the homeowner.

One crucial factor to know that will help you make the right choice is your house’s architectural design. Installing windows that don’t match your home’s design will lower its value and decrease the curb appeal. Other factors to consider are the amount of light the window allows into the house, ventilation, and ease of operating. Here are the most common windows styles you may consider for your Toronto window replacement project.

1. Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows replacement units are standard styles, and people prefer them because of their affordability. The difference is that a single hung window has one operable sash while a double-hung window has two operable sashes.

These windows are easy to clean because the sashes are tilt-able. They are also open for ventilation, and they are a good option for lighting. The windows close tightly to enhance the energy efficiency, and they are also available in different energy-efficient materials.

2. Picture Windows

Picture replacement windows are large than the standard windows. These are characterized by a big glass that is not operable. Picture windows are best for houses near the ocean or a beautiful forest for unobstructed views.

Although picture windows are suitable for energy efficiency because they don’t open, they are not ideal for rooms that require ventilation. Therefore, you should install a double or single hung window in such rooms for ventilation.

3. Sliding Windows

These windows replacement units resemble sliding doors. They open horizontally or vertically into a wall, so you don’t need outside space for opening the windows. They make short walls look taller, and the windows are a good option for ventilation and great views.

They are easy to open and you would want to consider them especially if you have aged people and children in your home. They need minimal force to open.

4. Casement Windows

Casement replacement windows resemble a double door, and they crank open outwards. They have hinges on the sides, and they close tightly to provide energy efficiency. This is a perfect type of window for ventilation and lighting. The casement also allows unobstructed views into the house because of the plain glass.

When buying, choose from energy-efficient window materials and get a window with double or triple panes.

5. Awning Windows

Awnings are found primarily on houses in rainy climates. The windows act as a shield to the house as they prevent the entry of rainwater. They are hinged at the top, and they crank open from the bottom upwards and outwards. Awnings are suitable for ventilation and views, and these windows are a good option for energy efficiency.

6. Bay And Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows resemble, but they are different in their shapes. A combination makes Bay windows of either casement, double-hung, or small picture windows. Bow windows protrude to make a semi-circular window-like shape.

These styles add to the home’s aesthetics and make the space inside seem more extensive than the other window types. The windows are also a good option for lighting and ventilation, and you can put plants, décor, and pictures on the extra space created.

7. Garden Windows

Garden windows replacement windows also protrude like bay and bow, but these are mainly built for placing plants. These windows let natural light into the room, and most homeowners install them in the kitchen and laundry rooms.

You can customize your garden windows and add extra LED lighting to them to make the indoor plants more visible when there is no natural lighting.

8. Impact Windows

Impact-rated replacement windows are mainly installed in houses found in areas that are affected by strong weather like hurricanes. These windows are also standard in houses along the coast. The windows make the home more secure, and they can hardly break due to the impact of the harsh weather. They add aesthetics to the house, and the windows make the space look bigger.