Death Stranding: The Director’s Cut Free Game Is Now Available in a Standard Version From Epic Games Store

Epic Games

The Epic Games store has now replaced the director’s cut-free version of the Death stranding game with the standard one. The version was free. It was due to Christmas. Hence many people felt compelled to opt for it.

For a while, the site crashed as a result of it. Millions of people were attempting to download the game during such moments. The overall aspect of getting it free is thus an intriguing prospect. After all, the game is very popular among people.

Since the site crashed, many people were disappointed. It is natural as they couldn’t get their hands on their favorite game at large. Moreover, the site also replaced the Director’s cut-free version. There was no warning regarding this. So this sudden decision disappointed many followers.

Annual tradition

Epic Games has an annual tradition of giving out free games. It was true for this year as well. Mainly during the holiday season, such an offer is made. Hence for 15 days, people thronged epic games to get free games. It started on December 15 and is supposed to go on till December 29. 

From Costume Quest 2 to Lego Builders journey and Fallout as well as Fallout 2 in their original formats were offered for free. Thus it intrigued many users simultaneously. Millions of people around the world are gamers. For them, this is a wonderful heaven to reckon with. 

Christmas day offering

During Christmas, one gets the major offering. This year it was the same as well. Thus Death Stranding found its place on Christmas. From 8 AM the game was offered for free. Naturally, many went on to get it as soon as it was offered. Server issues were navigated with precision to avoid any potential hassle.

But all of a sudden the director’s cut version was taken off at large. Instead of it, users can now find the standard version. What is intriguing in this case is that the company offered no explanation for its decision.

Odd situation

This is a very odd situation because it was confirmed that the director’s cut version will be offered for free during Christmas. Even the professionals in the customer service department confirmed it. Naturally many people had set their eyes on it. Such a game comes only once in a while. For diligent gamers, this was thus a wonderful opportunity. 

But they were deprived of it. The very fact that no explanation was given for such behavior made the situation even more problematic for many people. 

Why does the Director’s cut matter?

The Director’s cut matters to a large number of gamers due to the wonderful features it offers. Firstly it is a way better game because of the inherent improvements present there. There are provisions for better graphics. Gamers love graphics. They can get an immersive experience here. Hence so many of them prefer it.

The combat abilities are the best in this case. For those who love combat, it is very much suited for those people. Also interestingly there are no unnecessary product placements in this version. There is an interesting mission for the ruined factory which the users can find to be immersive.


It is natural that many were upset due to this. But they can opt for an affordable option. Generally, the cost for upgrading is 10 dollars but now due to a 40 percent discount, users can get it for 6 dollars.

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