Jennifer Coolidge Was The Norm For Many Years After American Pie

Jennifer Coolidge
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A nude Jennifer Coolidge is the first thing many of us remember during our introduction to all matters sexual. Remember back when we were edgy teenagers trying to find out every bit of information about our bodily changes?

Before we launched into pornography, American Pie was there to save us. And American Pie is absolutely incomplete without the sexiest woman alive, Jennifer Coolidge. She is also the quintessential MILF. Of course, I don’t need to tell you what a MILF means, do I? I know I don’t. 

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According to Coolidge herself, acting as Stifler’s hot mom in American Pie introduced her to lots of sexual partners immediately afterwards. The Emmy-nominated actress revealed there was so much sexual action in her life after she played in the movie.

She had a small role but turned it into an iconic part of pop culture through her screen presence. If you watched American Pie when you were a teen or, ahem ahem, younger, you will realize why Coolidge is so famous because of it. She is a complete natural when it comes to playing sex scenes with incredible passion.

Sex and Seduction

And does the gorgeous woman love sex? She said in an interview that she hopes she gets more sex in HBO’s White Lotus. Furthermore, in a stunning revelation sometime later, Coolidge revealed she chatted up with someone on either Instagram or Facebook because she wanted a one-night stand.

But she can’t divulge his name because, surprisingly, the anonymous man is in jail. We can only take shots in the dark as to who the mysterious man is. But none of us dares ask Coolidge herself because, as she said in her proposed Real Housewives’ tagline, “If you girls say anything cunty to me, I’m gonna beat the shit out of you.”

Recently Coolidge was in the news again when her drag doppelganger attended the Diesel show in Milan while she was walking the red carpet in Los Angeles. At first, fans were confused as to how this could be. No person can bend the space-time continuum and attend two places at the same time, except maybe a Jedi. But then it came to light that the person in Milan was actually drag queen Alexis Stone, who is rather well known for lifelike dramatic impersonations of famous personalities. 

Sex and Seduction
credit: marie clarie


The faux Coolidge looked rather ravishing in a full-body denim look and cargo pants. She also wore a denim jacket with shiny patches and carried a denim handbag. She also successfully fooled several actors and actresses with her look and getup, which only speaks volumes about her prowess.

But then again, who doesn’t want to play the coy and seductive Coolidge? The actress is 61 years old and has not lost an ounce of the oomph that set the screens on fire way back in time. We can only hope for more such scenes to rock and shock audiences across the world.

Jennifer Coolidge is on a roll and not stopping for anything and anyone. What’s more, we love this avatar of hers. As season 2 of White Lotus arrives on HBO later this year, we hope we get to see Coolidge getting all heavy and hot with a new guest at the resort. 


1. What made Jennifer Coolidge famous?

Jennifer Coolidge became famous for her role as Stifler’s mom in American Pie. 

2. Is that Jennifer Coolidge’s real voice?

No, her real voice is richer and deeper. 

3. Does Jennifer Coolidge have children?

No she does not have children in real life. 

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