The New Outlander Theme Song: Who Sings This Song?

Who Sings This Song
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The Outlander theme song has made people wonder who sings this song. In fact, this theme song has made people go crazy and thus, internet searches about it are also on a sharp rise. If you are a ’90s person, then you might remember that in those days TV shows had catchy theme songs. However, now those patterns have become backdated and are no longer followed. Instead now most tv shows have instrumentals. Thus, we almost forgot about the beauty that the theme song of a tv show can have.

However, the theme song of the Outlanders is there to remind you of your childhood days. It is a time-travelling show. But in reality, also, it has taken us back through time’s corridor, to our childhood days with its excellent theme song. This lyrical and mystical song is awe-inspiringly beautiful and the visuals add the cherry on top. This has made people google who sings this song. If you wish to know all about this theme song, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know all about it.

The Author Of The Outlander Theme Song

We are all looking for the singer of the theme song of Outlander. However, the author of this song demands equal attention, if not more. Let me inform you that the name of the music arranger is Bear McCreary. Those who are interested in the entertainment industry would immediately recognise Bear as one of the top composers in the industry. 

As far as the original composer of this song is concerned, let me tell you that it is an adaptation of a Scottish folk tune. Its name is ‘The Sky Boat Song’. The lyrics were written by Sir Harold Boulton in the 1870s. However, rewrote the lyrics later. 

The Singer

The Singer

If you are shouting ‘ok google who sings this song’ to know about the singer of the Outlander theme, then here you will get the answer. Raya Yarbrough is the singer of the song. Let me inform you that she is the wife of Bear McCreary. 

Thus, now you have no need to google who sings this song as far as the theme of Outlander is concerned.

Does The Theme Song Remain The Same?

The straight answer to this question is ‘No’. That is why we remain excited before the airing of every new season. Moreover, the theme song changed twice in both the third and the second seasons. 

The theme song for the first season was made using Scottish instruments. The theme song of the second season had French vocals with baroque instruments. The second theme song in the second season went back to Scottish instruments. Along with this, there was a snare drum rattle, in the military fashion. The third season began with a Scottish theme, only to change to an island flair in the second half. In addition, the fourth season’s theme song had a bluegrass twang. 

Listening To The Theme
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Listening To The Theme

Now, you should stop shouting at google, for a change. If you are still crying out “hey google who sings this song” about the Outlander theme, then now you have the answer. You can listen to this song on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iHeart Radio and other platforms. After all, it is one of the finest pieces of tv show themes that will make you go crazy. It smells of the fragrance of our childhood days, taking us back in time, just like the show itself.


1. Who sings the new theme of Outlander?

Raya Yarbrough is the singer of the new Outlander theme song. 

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