Infographic: A Woman’s Guide to Wearing Silver Chain Necklaces in 2022


Jewelry has been present in humankind since ancient times. Jewelry in all forms has been worn by all walks of life from kings and queens to middle-class citizens and even slaves. Jewelry has been present for thousands of years and throughout its history has delivered different meanings to the person who wears it. 

Silver Chain Necklaces

If the theory of semiotics is applied, Silver Chain Necklaces jewelry could be a representation of various cultures, beliefs, and 

For instance, jewelry can be used or mean a particular religion. A necklace with a cross or a Star of David is a good example of this. In this case, jewelry worn is representing faith in higher power. Rings can also be an example of this. 

If not for religious purposes, pieces of jewelry can be a symbol of one’s belongingness to a particular group like a fraternity and sororities. For example, free masons are known for having rings which have their logo. 

More on the symbolism spectrum, jewelry can also be used as a status symbol. Jewelry has mainly been made for this purpose, to tell everyone that a person is worth millions without saying a single word. In this way, the jewelry itself becomes the symbol and not what is on the jewelry. A man wearing a Rolex watch wants people to know that he is wealthy simply by wearing one because not all people can buy an expensive watch like his. 

Perhaps love is one of the symbols of jewelry that anyone could understand. Couples can buy matching necklaces or rings that represent the affection that they have for each other. But, if love is the topic, there is nothing more special than a man proposing to a woman by giving her a diamond ring. A wedding, the ceremony of two people to prove their eternal love, is also symbolized by rings. 

However, jewelry can also be a symbol of different subcultures. Rings put on the nose, nipples, eyebrows, metal bracelets, and other forms of piercings are worn by people to establish a message that they resist against the status quo. This trend is established in rock and roll, punk, metal, and Goth music. Hip-hop artists, on the other hand, wear huge necklaces covered diamonds. 

Beliefs are also a part of why people wear jewelry. Some jewelries bring luck and good fortune to people. In Chinese culture, people wear them to prevent bad luck for the rest of the year as a part of their Feng Shui. Some jewelry is also said to attract positive energy to its bearer. 

Pieces of jewelry are also used to symbolize the bond of a family. There are cultures where heirlooms are being passed from generation to generation. Most of the time, jewelries being passed down has a deep history in it like surviving wars and historical events. Some even are antique. 

Moreover, sentimental value is also one of the reasons why jewelries are being passed down. Lockets are one of the best examples of this. Other just customize an object and put it on necklaces and silver chains. Some people make necklaces out of silver and attach small objects. 

Other jewelries can be used for these purposes, but the most part; necklaces are mostly used for most of these reasons because they are easily wearable and can be seen by the naked eye in an instant. 

Among all the metals, silver is the most used for necklaces because of its neutral elements. In wearing silver chains, it is not only important to know how and what to wear, but also why you wear them. Every woman is different, and there is a unique way to rock silver chains on any occasion. This Blush Jewelry infographic would surely be helpful for you.

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