A List of Iggy Azalea Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Iggy Azalea Facts

This is a list of Iggy Azalea facts that will blow your mind. Iggy Azalea has been a popular star since 2011. She is known as a rapper, model, songwriter, and controversial celebrity. She has had public feuds and altercations. Here are 15 fun facts about Iggy Azalea that you may not have known until now. What’s more, some of them might just baffle you to a great extent. The rapper is not someone who shies away from controversy. Also, she just loves to remain in the limelight. 

Part of a Band

When Iggy was young, she and her friends formed a music group. She wanted to be a rapper, like Left Eye from TLC. But when her friends didn’t take it seriously, she left the group and pursued a solo career. Smart decision, Iggy! Also, nobody knows her friends now while everyone knows the name of Iggy Azalea. 

A Rebellious Teen

Iggy was rebellious during her youth. She would sneak out, use a fake ID to go to strip clubs at 13, and hitchhike. She would also get drunk and engage in relationships with older men who thought she was older. Also, we think this is quite inappropriate for most people. 

Iggy Azalea

High-School Dropout

Iggy left high school when she was 16 because she disliked it. She would come home during lunch, listen to music, and often skipped classes. The only classes she enjoyed were art and English. Also, this is one of the stories that you will find common with many celebrities. 

Bullied at School

Iggy was teased and bullied during her school years. She dressed differently and faced teasing because of it. She even experienced physical bullying, such as having her pants pulled down. These experiences may have contributed to her defensive attitude towards online criticism. Also, many celebrities have faced bullying in their pasts. 

She Had a Business

After leaving school, Iggy worked with her mother cleaning hotel rooms and holiday houses. Her job was successful, and she even started her own business. She saved money from her job and used it to move to America and pursue her career. Also, we are happy she finally chose music as a profession. 

Bullied at School

Moving to America

At 16, Iggy moved to the US to pursue her dreams without telling her parents. She worked on her music, adopted a Southern accent, and met rapper T.I. He helped her release her single “Work” and later the hit track “Fancy,” which gained her widespread recognition. Also, there was no looking back for Iggy after this. She went on making songs one after the other. Plenty of awards came her way. 

A Dog Inspired Name

Iggy’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, but she prefers to be called Iggy. Only a few people close to her are allowed to use her real name. Her stage name comes from her childhood dog, Iggy, and the street she grew up on, Azalea Street. Now that is a very interesting story. Not many singers would admit to naming themselves after their dogs.

Moving to America 

Fights with Big Celebs

Iggy, besides her music, is known for having several arguments with celebrities. Her first major disagreement was with Azealia Banks, who claimed to have written a song before Iggy. In 2014, Iggy also clashed with Snoop Dogg when he posted memes comparing her to a character from the movie “White Chicks” and someone with albinism.

Then, Eminem released a diss track making a joke about harming Iggy, which led to another conflict. The following year, Iggy had a feud with her mentor T.I. He mentioned in a radio interview that he ended their relationship after Q-Tip tried to educate Iggy about cultural appropriation in hip-hop, and her response was not favorable.

Secret Pregnancy

Iggy surprised everyone in June 2020 by revealing that she had given birth to her baby boy, Onyx, in April. She took to Instagram and wrote, “I have a son. I was waiting for the right time to share this news, but I realize I will always feel anxious about sharing such a big thing with the world.” Iggy expressed her desire to keep her son’s life private while emphasizing that he is not a secret and that she loves him immensely.

Playboi Carti, whom she was dating since 2018, is the baby’s father. However, the couple broke up soon after the rapper gave birth. Also, it is quite sad this relationship did not last any longer. 

Fights with Big Celebs

Public Scandal

In December 2020, Iggy expressed her anger on Twitter towards her baby daddy for not spending Christmas with their 9-month-old son. According to her, he was with the girl he cheated on her with instead.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Iggy wrote, “Imagine not bringing your family on Christmas, but having the girl you cheated on me with during my entire pregnancy at your album party. And magically, my son and I can’t come for Christmas anymore?” Despite this public feud with Playboi Carti, Iggy later confirmed on social media that she and her ex had reconciled, although they remain separated.

Net Worth of $6 million 

Iggy has an impressive net worth of $6 million. Much of this money comes from her successful singles and her collaboration with Ariana Grande on the track “Problems.” Additionally, Iggy has worked with brands like Chloe and Benoît Missolin, among others, through endorsements, which have further contributed to her substantial net worth. Also, let us hope she releases a track soon enough. There is only so much you can earn while sitting at home. 

Public Scandal

Permanent American Residence

When Iggy first arrived in America, she obtained her GED (General Educational Development) and stayed in the country on a visa waiver for six years. During that time, she had to return to Australia every six months to renew her visa. It was not until 2018 that she finally received her official permanent residency in the country.

However, when Iggy made an exciting announcement on Twitter, it attracted haters who demanded her deportation back to Australia. Iggy fought back by tweeting, “I’ve been here for 12 years! I only just got approved! I’ve been paying my federal and state taxes, but I can’t vote or have a say in how it’s spent. Some people are so miserable.”

Tacos is her Favorite

Wondering about the type of food Iggy enjoys? Look no further! The star has a love for hillbilly tacos—a tasty dish consisting of a taco shell coated in butter, filled with minced meat, and topped with grated cheese. It sounds delicious! Although, we all wish we could maintain a fantastic physique like Iggy’s. Also, this brings us rather dramatically to the next point on this list. 

Tacos is her Favorite

Denies Plastic Surgery

While Iggy openly acknowledges having undergone rhinoplasty and breast implants, she has faced rumors regarding other procedures such as bum implants, a chin implant, and facial fillers.

However, Iggy firmly asserts that she hasn’t altered any other parts of her body. In a 2017 interview with the Australian radio program Stav, Abby & Matt, she stated, “No, I don’t have bum implants! They’re not my real boobs, but my butt is real.”

Matched with Beatles

Azalea holds a unique distinction on the Billboard Hot 100 list, matching the achievement of The Beatles. Her first two singles, “Fancy” and “Problem,” remarkably occupied both the first and second positions simultaneously—a feat that only a few artists will accomplish. Also, this is not a small achievement by any means.

Matched with Beatles

Cultural Appreciation

Throughout her career, Iggy has faced accusations of cultural appropriation, particularly concerning her music and image, with critics claiming she appropriates black culture. However, the rapper known for her hit song “Fancy” never hesitates to express her thoughts on this controversial topic. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she boldly stated, “I will continue making the same kind of music and being outrageous and larger than life. So I can’t feel overly sorry about it.”

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