Everything You Must Know Before Buying Cycling Bib Shorts

Cycling Bib Shorts

The global cycling pants and shorts market value was slightly more than USD 1 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2027.

In a saturated market where different brands promise different pros, deciding whether to opt for cycling bib shorts and which factors to prioritize when choosing one can be difficult.

So, here’s a guide to help you overcome this dilemma!

Why should you choose cycling bib shorts?

Cycling bib shorts are the best options among cycling pants. It brings some great benefits like these.

  1. Waistband-less

Cycling bib shorts don’t have a restrictive waistband, unlike regular and cycling shorts. You can go cycling for long hours without worrying about a waistband digging into your waist and causing a chafe. You have much more breathing room than other options.

  1. Secure Chamois

In regular biking shorts, the chamois shifts because only the waistband secures it in place. The waistband moves around while you lean front or straighten your back, and the chamois becomes loose and shifts.

On the other hand, in bib shorts, the entire shorts are secured with the straps over your shoulders. So, the chamois has no chance of shifting. Thus, you don’t have to take several breaks and embarrassingly fix the chamois.

  1. No Saggy Rear

Again, in regular bike shorts, the chamois is insecure, moves around, and looks like a saggy diaper about to burst.

On the other hand, since the straps completely support the chamois, you can avoid this look in the bib shorts.

  1. No Waist Slips

If you’re focused and riding for long hours while wearing regular bike shorts, your shorts may slip down, exposing your rear. But bib shorts, as they are high-waisted, don’t have that issue.

Even by any chance, if the shoulder strap slips, it won’t ride down low enough to expose skin.

How do you choose the right cycling bib shorts?

While choosing your bib shorts, focus on the following factors.

  1. Fit

Cycling bib shorts must be tight but not grip your leg too tight to restrict blood flow or movement. It must also never roll up or bunch while you pedal. Instead, it must move along with your body and support every movement.

To choose the right fit, always check the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Check your thigh diameter before placing your order.

If your thigh diameter is between two sizes, always opt for the larger size. While cycling, blood circulation will be higher through your legs. Over time, your legs may even swell a bit. So, if you go a size smaller, the material may dig into your skin.

  1. Thigh Bands

The bands around the cuffs of your shorts must fit comfortably. Shop Cycling Bib Shorts with double polyester bands on the leg cuffs instead of laser-cut rubber strips.

Rubber grippers are often seen in major brands but easily lose shape. On the other hand, laser-cut rubber strips are long-lasting, so you won’t have to invest in new gear soon!

  1. Chamois (aka crotch padding)

A great pair of bib shorts must have the ultimate quality of chamois. It must not be too thick, as that restricts flexibility during pedaling. Similarly, it must not be too thin, or it won’t protect your inner thighs, rear, and crotch well.

However, beginners must choose thick padding, which helps the body get used to the saddle pressure. If you have experience, choose thin, high-density options.

Opt for high-quality bib elastic material with good density. This ensures it stays in shape even after long-term use.

It’s even better if the material has some antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and anti-odor properties.

  1. Lycra

A good-quality lycra is highly elastic and offers great resistance, allowing enough movement freedom. Check whether the lycra is breathable to ensure moisture is not trapped inside the shorts. Otherwise, it can become a breeding site for germs.

While not a must-have, you can also check for ceramic bib shorts. This material protects you in case you fall.

  1. Gendered Apparel

Some brands have separate models for men’s and women’s bib shorts. The main differences in designs are:

Chamois – It comes with different hip shapes for both genders. Women’s shorts have a pillow in the middle and front and are much wider in the back.

Straps—In women’s bib shorts, the straps are crossed in the front to ensure more support for the bust and to improve fit. Men’s straps simply run parallel.

If the brand of your choice has certain differences between men’s and women’s models, compare these factors to


By now, you can tell that cycling bib shorts are packed with several features and are a must-have for cycling enthusiasts. So, follow the guide and find the perfect fit for yourself!