Yggdrasil Gaming Multifly Slot Review

Yggdrasil Gaming

Lizards may not be the first creature that comes to mind when one thinks of their favorite animal, but Yggdrasil’s new slot Multifly! is sure to change that. Chameleons are uniquely fascinating with their mesmerizing colour-change ability, and a few spins on this game brings out all of these qualities in full force. Even for those who don’t typically enjoy lizards or herpetology, it won’t take long before they realize just how special these creatures really are!

Introducing Yggdrasil Gaming’s Multifly Slot

Multifly! is the perfect name for this game as it lives up to its promise of delivering multiple multipliers. Yggdrasil online casino games sites has created a slot with features that seamlessly intertwine and amplify each other, making sure you have an exciting time playing the game. So don’t wait any longer; join us on this jungle adventure and see how rewarding it can be!

Yggdrasil Gaming's Multifly Slot

Yggdrasil has outdone themselves with the beautifully designed game, Multifly!, that is full of lizards and set in a lush wild.


Majestic trees sway to an African-inspired soundtrack as you spin the reels, while vibrant lights illuminate each win and intensify every play session. With captivating visuals coupled with generous rewards, this charming title offers something special for all players!

Overview of Gameplay and Features

Multifly! is designed with a classic 5 reel and 3 row setup, offering 243 different ways to win. As long as three or more corresponding symbols come up on the leftmost of the reels, you know success awaits.

Changing Abilities

The math model can be unpredictable at times- one moment it’s steadily giving out coins in abundance; then it switches direction to imitate a snowball effect. This comes from its RTP that stands at 96.3%, along with high volatility and an exceptionally low hit rate of 17%.

Chameleon Characters and Colour Changing Abilities

The symbols in Multifly are varied, split into low and high pay groups. For the lower-paying group, you’ll find royals from 9 to A while for the higher-pays there’s a variety of animals such as lizards, frogs, toucans and parrots with the latter being worth 4x your stake when five land on any active win line! Although it might not seem like much at first glance this is actually one game which can really stack up those wins due to its multipliers that come into play after each winning combination occurs – read ahead to uncover more about this feature!

Feature Works

Get ready to be dazzled by Yggdrasil Gaming’s latest game, Multifly!

Not only does it offer a generous free spins round with multipliers that appear above the reels – it is also equipped with other amazing features as well. The Dropdown feature activates whenever you land a winning combination: all of your winnings will get removed from the reels and replaced by new symbols, adding an extra wild symbol in the process. This gives players more chances to rack up wins before the cascade stops completely!

How the Multiplier Feature Works

When a wild enters the game, it activates the Reel Multiplier feature. Wilds can randomly land on a spin or be added through the Dropdown feature. Each reel’s multiplier will begin at x1 and raise +1 when a wild appears on that specific reel.

Multifly Slot

With Dropdown, multipliers can increase over multiple reels in sequence to any winning combination—and only those reels with victorious symbols will apply their multipliers. In the base game, however, all multipliers are reset back to x1 with each new spin of chance!

Tips for Winning Big with Multifly Slot

The last component is a session of Free Spins – when 3 scatters are miraculously collected on reels 2, 3 and 4, 10 free spins will be awarded. Like in the original game mode, the same rules apply; however, the Reel Multiplier feature isn’t reset during these complimentary turns. This implies that Dropdowns wilds and multipliers can accumulate quite nicely by the time you reach your final spin!

low hit rate

With its high volatility and low hit rate combined with the multiplier feature, Multifly!

zero to hundred

(Yggdrasil Gaming) can quickly shift from zero to hundred. If you are not having much luck in the free spin round, things can change quickly on the last spin. This game might not be right for everyone since it has big changes in winning, but if you want an exciting game with lots of chances to win – try this one.

Final Thoughts on the Multifly Slot from Yggdrasil Gaming

It may not always seem like it, but getting five of the same symbols can help you win a game. Even if the multipliers on your reels don’t look like they are going to add up to much, five-of-a-kind symbols can still help you get a win.

Although Multifly! offers exciting gameplay, it can become slightly tedious after a while due to the identical bonus game. Since multipliers don’t reset, sessions can be quite repetitive and lacklustre for gamers who prefer quick-moving slots; moreover, animations that are triggered with each win cannot be skipped which further slows the pace of play.

All in all, Multifly is an incredibly fun game with a host of unique features and the potential to make even those most opposed to lizards or jungle critters smile. The slot’s experience can be quite hectic at times, interspersed between periods of little action. It truly creates a volatile gaming environment – with unbelievable winnings up to 10,000* your stake!

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