4 Things to Consider When Getting Custom Copper Signs Designed for Your Business

Custom Copper Signs

The current digital age of advertising opened the doors for possibilities of improved marketing by breaking communication barriers to audiences wherever they are in the world. However, this major shift had businesses neglecting the importance of building signages and excluding funds for investing in this marketing strategy that has been proven effective for a long period. 

Signages are important elements of advertising when establishing your brand. Aside from informing the public about your business, these marketing tools help you build a good first impression that lets potential customers trust your products and services. Clearly, signages are a reflection of your business’ values and philosophy.

What to remember when creating a business signage

Developing signage is not merely getting a plain background while freely placing any text and just calling it a day. There are many things to look into when deciding on the layout of your signage. What kind of image do you intend to express to your customers? Along with your business logo, these things are the primary bases for your layout to ensure that you do not dive away when 

1. Choosing vibrant colors that catch the attention of many and perfectly suit the brand’s image

Look into a color wheel and the color associations they hold in the aspects of businesses. The kind of business you have is fundamental in identifying the appropriate palette of hues for your signage. The colors incorporated in your signage are significant in how people perceive your brand.

Make sure that the colors you have chosen do not contrast each other to the point it becomes painful to view for the onlookers. There are readily available color combinations that you can check out to see which colors complement each other. Colors produce a lasting impression on people once they glance at your signage.

2. Typography and readability

Since quite a large sum of money is needed to allow for signage development, businesses tend to put lesser emphasis on the preparation of the layout. But, now we tell you that this is definitely a recipe for signage disaster. Disregarding design elements like the font style, font size, text arrangement as well as white space will surely have your brand ignored.

It’s true that one of the primary purposes of signage is to inform but too much information will appear too bulky. This discourages people from viewing your business sign and your chance of getting recognized publicly will be hard to achieve. As much as possible, only keep the very important information such as your business name, type of business, location, or contact information. 

3.   Ensuring the appropriate size and shape of the signage

Since signages come in different shapes and sizes that doesn’t immediately mean you go straight into deciding without considering your brand. If you intend to appeal to the general public, then you will need large signage. But if you target a select group of people, then an average-sized shape will already do. You can be creative and explore with the shape of your signage. Search for inspirations online and see what you can do to incorporate a unique shape for your signage.

4.   The right kind of material

The material you pick for your signage is where the size and shape of your signage will depend. The type of material will determine if a particular shape and size are possible. Likewise, do you plan to have the signage installed outdoors or indoors? You’ll require one that is durable enough to withstand even the strongest weather conditions and lasts for many years. 

Questions to ask before getting started with your business signage

The location of your signage, the installation process, and the lighting elements you attach are some of the things you have to consider before finalizing your signage. Ask yourself and your team the questions listed below:

1.   In which direction would people be looking when they see your signage?

How do you intend people to view your signage? Who is your target audience? If it’s the drivers, then make sure your signage is visible to those people riding their cars. Are you aiming for the elderly? You’ll need bold signage for them to easily notice and read the text. The proximity between your sign and the reader is a huge factor when distinguishing whether your sign attracts people.

2.   Will your business be operating the whole day?

This is an important question to ask especially when deciding to attach lighting elements to your signage. So, if your business operations extend up to nighttime, then illuminating signage is an absolute must for your business to cater to customers easily. It would also be advantageous to have such kind of signage for directional purposes. However, illuminated signs are not excluded for exterior uses only. This is also applicable when you want to add depth or emphasis to your indoor lobby signs.

3.   What are the signage regulations within your location?

Be aware of the standards and regulations that come with signages before starting with your layout. You might be exceeding the maximum signage size without knowing. So it is better to ask some or go directly to the regulatory agency responsible for monitoring them.


Say, there’s the intention to get custom copper signs designed for you but you are not aware of the considerations about signages. The details we’ve indicated above are the basic things you need to know and remind yourself. These are necessary to avoid any problems with your signage in the future