How Giant Wheels Are Making a Comeback in Casinos

Giant Wheels

Giant, spinning wheels have often been used as the basis for exciting games of chance over the years, but in recent times there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of new casino games featuring these devices. A look at the reasons for this reveals some interesting changes in the technology that’s added a new dimension to these games.

The New Range of Wheel-Based Games

The introduction of live-streaming technology has been one of the most important changes in the gambling industry in recent times. This has allowed casinos to offer live dealer games where a human presenter is beamed onto each player’s screen. This format was initially used for updated versions of casino classics like blackjack and roulette, but the leading game developers then realized that this gave them the flexibility needed to create completely new games.

The variety now on offer can be seen in the examples shown in the list of current Paddy Power live casino game shows. Their wheel-based games include Paddy’s Mansion Heist by Playtech, where there are four bonus rounds all built around the heist theme. Crazy Time by Evolution has a similar format, with Cash Hunt and Coin Flip among the bonus rounds that can be triggered in this case.

In most cases, the wheel has certain segments with cash prizes and others leading to a bonus feature when the wheel stops there. Dream Catcher by Evolution is another example that has a large wheel as its centerpiece but features simpler gameplay as the wheel just features numbered sections with no bonus games possible.

Other Props and Types of Gameplay on the Rise

Wheel-based gambling games are on the rise, with the examples listed above just a few of the games in this fast-growing genre. However, it would be wrong to assume that this had led to online game shows being purely filled with giant wheels. Rather, the range of props and gameplay options increases as more live games are created.

Crazy Coin Flip is a spin-off from the Crazy Time bonus game mentioned earlier. A qualifying round is played on a slot machine before the bonus round, where a coin is flipped to see what prizes are awarded. First Person Mega Ball has a bingo-type format as described here by Britannica, with 51 small numbered balls, while Lightning Dice sees a set of dice thrown on the table.

Even those games that start with a wheel often have bonus rounds using other props. It’s becoming rare to see a game based solely on the outcome of a wheel, with many new releases having varied gameplay that makes this simply the starting point once the betting round closes.

The Future of Game Shows

Wheels have been used to give random results since the Rota Fortunae as explained by Literature No Trouble. The role of giant wheels seems set to continue to be important in the future of online game shows. However, this look at some of the latest games has also shown that other formats have been gaining popularity as the market continues to grow and new ideas are added regularly.