Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before a Workout

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before a Workout

Fitness is a major concern in the current times when people are working for long hours and find it difficult to maintain the body in perfect shape. However, fitness freaks always make it a point to extract enough time from their daily schedules for workouts. Whether it is sweating out in the gym, going for runs, yoga or some other form of exercise, more and more people are now into workouts to maintain fitness and avoid all kinds of lifestyle diseases. Obesity is also a major problem in modern times, and avoiding all those extra fat is also a major trigger for people to engage in strenuous workout regimens. 

It is not advisable to start an exercise regimen simply because it has worked wonders for someone else. There are certain questions that you must ask yourself before embarking on a particular type of workout regimen. 

Is this the right kind of workout? 

The kind of workout that you are attempting needs to be aligned with your fitness goals. If you are overweight and want to attain a lean frame, then exercises which burn a high amount of calories are suitable for you. This can include running, cycling, aerobics, etc. If you want to improve your strength, then strength training is the proper workout for you. In case you regularly play any outdoor sport, then there is no need to opt for an extra workout regimen. The workout must also fit in well with your daily schedule so that you can devote the same amount of time for exercise at the same time every day. The fitness goal that you set must be realistic so that you select the correct style of exercise which suits you well. 

Is the workout safe for me? 

It is important to take into account the physical limitations of your body and decide whether or not you will be able to complete the workout. Injuries and health issues eliminate certain types of workouts, depending on their type. For example, if you have suffered a knee injury in the past, then a workout regimen which includes a lot of sprinting and jumping is detrimental for you. High-intensity workouts are also not suitable for people suffering from thyroid or cardiovascular ailments. The best way to identify safe workout is to consult a doctor or professional fitness trainer who will help you in devising a particular fitness regimen which will not compromise your overall health. Giving up the plan to do daily workouts simply because you have certain health issues is not advisable. You can always find a safe workout regimen. 

Am I overdoing it? 

If you are not an athlete training for a competition and want to remain in good shape, then this is an important question which you need to ask yourself. Heavy workouts involving jumping, twisting, yanking, and high-grade strength training are not for people wanting to lose the extra pounds and become slim and trim. Such workouts carry a huge risk of injuries and are suited only for athletes. There is no point in indulging in high-stress workouts to attain simple fitness goals. Simple workouts which do not carry a high-risk factor are sufficient for simple fitness goals. 

Can I sustain my workout regimen? 

When you start a workout regimen, you must ask yourself whether you would be able to sustain the regimen. For example, you decide to go for a 10 km run every morning but fail to sustain the routine and start taking breaks within a week or a month. It is important to honestly answer yourself whether your work routine or even your level of motivation is suitable to stick to the workout regimen you have set for yourself.