How Employment Law Solicitors Can Help Your Business

Employment Law Solicitors

The principal area of work done by Employment Law Solicitors is to resolve the law disputes arising between the employers and the employees on a wide range of issues. Usually, the employment law solicitors are members of employment lawyers’ organizations, and so they can provide valuable assistance in all areas related to employment law. They can also assist when the employees face disputes at their workplace. These experts help in enforcing the rights of the employees. They can also effectively guide the employers on settling different kinds of claims and facing various types of disputes and employment law related issues.

Aspects of employment law they cover

Generally, all the employment law solicitors can provide their assistance and advice to both employers and employees on the various issues of the employment law. This can include providing guidance on settlement agreements, handling unfair cases of dismissals, and assisting with different kinds of discrimination claims. They can also capably handle regulatory law related issues. Here are a few areas covered by employment law solicitors


A redundant employee might need to claim a payment towards statutory redundancy. Some employees might find a higher contractual entitlement. Those made redundant through unjust means can go for a potential discrimination claim or a potential unfair dismissal. Employees facing such situations need to be highly careful since there are different time limits to make such claims. A tribunal claim made towards redundancy must be made within three months. Depending on your redundancy situation, expert employment law solicitors can assist you in making a claim.

Claims on unfair dismissal

The tribunal proceedings about cases of unfair dismissal claims must be made within three months from the date of dismissal from employment. Those employment law solicitors who specialize in unfair dismissals can assist needy employees about unfair dismissal. To be eligible to claim unfair dismissal, an employee must have worked in a firm continuously for two years.

Constructive dismissal claims

We can say a constructive dismissal has happened when the employee decides to quit from the job due to an instance of a fundamental breach of contract by the employer. If this has to happen, the employee can claim constructive dismissal. Dismissal solicitors specializing in constructive dismissal can assist the employees facing constructive dismissal situations. In case of constructive dismissal, employees can seek legal advice on how to proceed forward. The proven assistance provides by employment law experts can provide a significant impetus to the steps taken by the employees facing redundancy or dismissal.

Find the best employment law solicitors in Birmingham

In the city of Birmingham, there is no dearth of employment law solicitors. However, you must do thorough research and take referrals from those that have already utilized their services. Only reliable solicitors with a good track record can be depended on for assisting in a variety of employment law issues, legal problems faced by employers and a wide range of problems that the employees might face.

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