How Tall Is Kevin Hart? The Rock Height, Net Worth, Kevin Hart Movies

How Tall Is Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, born on the 6th of July 1979, is a famous actor from America. In addition, he is primarily a comedian. He has worked in numerous movies like Scary Movie 3, Paper Soldier and many others. Kevin hails from Philadelphia, US. In fact, let me tell you that he lived through a difficult and troubled childhood. This was mainly due to the fact that his father was a drug addict and a petty criminal. He fought his way and after completing high school graduation, he started his comedy career. 

Kevin Hart

At the beginning of his career, he started by performing in smaller clubs. Later he made his way to the bigger clubs in Los Angeles and New York. After gaining the success he started his comedy tours. The series of comedy tours took him to the pinnacle of success. Eventually, he made his way to TV shows. His fame came after appearing on Undeclared. In fact, from here he started his film career. His debut came through the film Paper Soldier. If you wish to know more about this famous comedy actor, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know various facts about Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart Early Life

Kevin Hart breathed his first on the 6th of July 1979. He was born to his parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US. Therefore, his date of birth tells us that he is 43 years old, as of 2022. We already know that his father was a petty criminal and a drug addict. Therefore, his childhood was spent with serious struggles and difficulties. Henry Witherspoon is the name of his father, who spent most of his life in Jail.

The Rock Height

Therefore, his mother Nancy Hart raised him. Kevin took up humour as a tool to battle his initial difficulties. As far as his educational background is concerned, he got enrolled at George Washington High School. Later for his higher, he joined Community College Philadelphia. However, initially, he started his career by working as a shoe salesman. Later he started performing in clubs in Philadelphia and ultimately took up acting as his profession. 

How Tall Is Kevin Hart?

Kevin is 42 years old, and As of resource His net worth of $215 million dollars. Kevin Hart stands at a height of 5′2″ or 157 cm tall”.

Kevin Hart Height 

Google listed him at 5′4″ or 163 cm, But Kevin Hart Height Height is 5’2”.

How Tall Is Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart started his comedy carer under the stage name Lil Kev. But initially, he did not get any gigs. Later he found Keth Robinson as his mentor and trained under him. After his training, Kevin started performing under his own name and thus gained success. In fact, within a short time, he became a popular performer at various clubs. Finally, in 2009, his comedy tours began. The first act was I’m a Grown Little Man. In total, we released three comedy albums.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

In 2002, with his appearance in Undeclared, he started his acting career. Ultimately, His debut came through the film Paper Soldier. In 2003, he worked in a movie named Scary Movie 3. This was a huge success. Since then, he has worked on the projects like Scary Movie 4, Soul Plane, Epic Movie, Not Easily Broken and many others.

Kevin Hart Movies

Some of the prominent movies featuring Kevin are Paper Soldier, Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane, Scary Movie 4, Not Easily Broken, Epic Movie, Think like a Man, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and many others.

How Much Is Kevin Hart Worth?

Approximately, Kevin Kart earned a net worth of around $450 million USD. 


  • How tall is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart states he is 5’2 ½ (158.8 cm) He is 5’2”.

  • How tall is Kevin Hart wife?

She is 5’7”

  • How tall is Kevin Hart in cm?

He is 163 cm.

  • How tall is Kevin Hart in ft?

He is 5’7”.

  • How old is Kevin Hart?

As of 2023 Kevin Hart is 43 years old

  • How much is Kevin hart worth?

His net worth is $450 million USD.

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