Shocking Truth Behind How Tall & Slim Girls Struggle with Bridesmaid Dresses (How to Overcome It)

Bridesmaid Dresses

Do tall and slim girls need to worry about bridesmaid dress shopping at all? Yes. If you have experienced rude and jeering tricks and calls from the childhood, you will know that feel, yes, that’s true. For many years I hated to be tall, and felt shame when hearing someone called “giant”, “poles”, “posts” or even “big”. Everything has changed after I have studied dressing tips for tall and slim girls, and dressed properly and gorgeously on my bestie’s wedding. Confidence has come back. Read on and get to know how I made it with Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Make it Clear Which Necklines Flatters You the Best.

The best necklines are the ones that balance your overall proportion, make bust look bigger and show off the little thin waist. Round necklines are excellent choices, it’s neither too high nor too low, showing just a nice proportion. Embellishments around necklines such as turn-down collars, ruffles, lace trims will create some visual volume. Illusion necklines is also a great style, it’s covered below the upper bust line, and made of see through tulle decorated with embroidery, crystals or beadings, it helps look elegantly with a shorter visual effect than all solid styles, and the shoulders and chest will look fuller than they actually are.

To accentuate your slender body, go for halter or mock neck. Halter looks sexy and elegant, when choosing a mock neck, opt for those with embellishments, which can add interest to the overall look and avoid boring look.

Tall and slim girls have more kinds of necklines to avoid than other figures, among them are strapless, off the shoulder, square or straight shaped necklines, too deep and too wide ones. Strapless neckline will make wearers look taller than they actually are, for it divides the body into 2 parts, the revealed shoulder part and the longer under part, which will will give a taller illusion and not good for tall girls. Square and straight necklines will make slim wearers look more bony and lack of curves, it’s thus another kind of necklines that need to be avoided. The third type are too deep or wide necklines that will make you look more lanky.

2. All Silhouettes look good except the ones that make you look taller.

Tall and slim girls look gorgeous in a range of silhouettes, including A line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, column, and ball gowns.

A line is a silhouette that flows naturally to the floor and is flattering for all body shapes, if you plan to wear A line dress, you could opt for flats and dress about half an inch above the floor, which is comfy and makes you look smaller. Try to choose a midi length bridesmaid dress if the bride say OK, midi length dresses reveal part of your legs and divide your overall body into 3 proportions, you will look shorter and fuller in this style.

When you decide to wear trumpet, mermaid or sheath dresses, don’t forget to wear underwear with butt lift pads that helps you gain a more curvy look. By the way, trumpet and mermaid dresses that are flaring from under the thigh will make you look taller, while the ones that flare from knee will make you look shorter. That’s a conclusion I come to after trying many different styles.

Ball gown dresses are not so often considered by bride-to-be as bridesmaid dresses, if the new couple is planning to have a vintage wedding, ball gown bridesmaid dresses may be considered, and it’s good news for tall girls. Ball gown bridesmaid dresses with tea length will add much volume to the bottom and add more curves.

ATTENTION: Avoid empire silhouette in any case, empire is the best style to look taller, but it’s the best choice for tall girls.

3. Structures brings surprise.

Structured fabrics are perfect for tall and slim girls adding volume to the look. For example, tulle fabric and overall pleating fabrics, wearer will look fuller in these styles.

Take good advantage of sleeves. Below are flattering sleeve styles for tall girls: puff sleeves, bishop sleeves, flutter sleeves, and regular sleeves with embellishments such as lace, beadings and ruffles. These styles can help add visual volume to the body.

Details determine. Consider some specific details like ruched, draped, flounce, bows and lace details will add more taste and a more beautiful look. Dresses with layers are an ideal style for tall girls too.

4. You can look so charming, but remember, the aim is dressing properly and comfortably, the leading role is the bride. To achieve this, get inspired from our top pick-ups from eDresstore for tall and slim girls.

Dress 1: This desert rose dress is made of overall pleating chiffon fabric, flutter sleeves add more volume, horizontally ruched waist forming a defined waistline and emphasis some curves.

Dress 2: This soft terracotta bridesmaid dress is made of soft pleated chiffon fabric, small o neck adorned with crystals, puff sleeves look fabulous on slim girls, gathered skirt and midi length are perfect!

Dress 3: The navy dress looks voluminous with its big bow and bishop sleeves, the layered skirt is a perfect design for tall girls.

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