Tracie Wagaman: Between Life Love After Lockup And Death

Tracie Wagaman

Tracie Wagaman was an American-based entertainer. She rose to fame for the show “Love After Lockup”. Other than appearing on television, she was an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and media face from the United States. Recently the news of the death broke out. It shook the entertainment industry. 

Although many are thinking whether the news of her death is true or not, unfortunately, it is. Her brother, Mark Wagaman who is close to Lily Red has confirmed the news of her death to the media. Before we share what we have found out about her death, let us talk about who she is. 

Tracie Wagaman Career

Tracie Wagaman was a successful person who rose to fame because of her association with the dating show Love After Lockup. Apart from that, she was also a media personality, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. 

Before she stepped into the TV show, she served time for fraudulent checks. Moreover, she had to serve time for parole violations as well. This took place when she met Brady on Once they released her from prison, she started appearing on the show. 

She had a heavy presence on social media and she even opened her OnlyFans account. Moreover, she has sold Avon products as well since 2020. Apart from that, she started a Cameo account to stay connected with her fans from Love After Lockup.

Tracie Wagaman Personal Life After Lockup

Tracie Wagaman was born in Texas in 1980 as Tracie Wagaman Brady. Although not much is available about her early life, we know that she had a brother. Her brother was Mark Wagaman. 

Although we do not know who her parents are, we know a little about her educational background. Her parents admitted her to a native school for primary education. Hence, she is an educated person. 

Moreover, sources have claimed that she graduated high school from Robert E. Lee high school. Although they claimed her to be smart in education, her passion lied in fashion and modeling. 

Tracie Wagaman And Her Death:

The Love After Lockup Star Tracie Wagaman passed away on July 1, 2021, just after the birth of her baby girl. The former manager of Wagaman had announced her death. She made her debut in television during two seasons of the show with her now ex-husband Clint Brady. She had two children. 

Lily Red, who is her friend and her former manager, reported the sad news using the statement via Instagram. The post said, “Unfortunately, Tracie passed away on July 1. I’m not going to release more details at this time. I just hope that we are praying for her family. I don’t know what else to say…Keep her family in your prayers.”

She further said, “She was a good person, and she was kind, and she loved her fans. And she loved having her fans love her. She loved it. And her family is, I’m sure, heartbroken. There’s nothing else to say except rest in peace Tracie, and you were loved. You were a good person and I’ll miss you a lot.”

What Was The Reason Behind Her Death?

After the death of Tracie Wagaman, the coroner’s office exclusively confirmed on 19th August the cause of her death. According to them, Wagaman died of an “accidental meth overdose”. 

Although they have ruled the death as an accident. Moreover, they said that it occurred on July 1, and the time is 10:54 pm. According to the People, the coroner’s other conditions have noted in their autopsy that she died of atherosclerotic heart disease.

Ending note:

Tracie Wagaman’s death has left the entertainment industry shaken. However, Las Vegas Coroner’s Office has ruled her ‘accidental meth overdose’ as the cause of her death.

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