North Kardashian Learns About The Night She Took Root

North Kardashian
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North Kardashian now knows everything about the night she took birth. Now, we all know about the fact that birds and bees need to be inculcated into the child at some point in time. When and how rests on the parents and teachers. 

But once again, this begs a fundamental question. How much can a child or teenager take in one go? How much should we tell him or her so the situation does not turn toxic? Let us take a peek at how North reacted to learning about the facts of life. 

Birds and Bees

Kim recently gave her nine-year-old daughter the basic rundown of the night she blossomed. In quite a bizarre turn of events, she claimed it happened during her visit to the famed fashion designer Olivier Rousteing of Paris. The reality show star told her daughter this during a special episode of The Kardashians. 

According to Kim, one of Rousteing’s dresses was the reason for her conception. Sounds quite strange, eh? We know it does. Apparently, that dress is the main culprit behind whatever happened in Paris and how North is with us now. Curious how that one turned out. 

The celebrity and her ex-husband Kanye West welcomed their first daughter in June 2013. They also have three children together, named Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. A mere eight months ago before North was born, Kanye picked out a special dress for his wife to wear at the 2012 Angel Ball in New York. 

During the episode when Kim talks to North about her birth, she makes mention of this very dress. She says how Olivier has been a lifelong friend, long before she was born. It was he that gave her the blue dress that Kanye wanted for Kim. The night she wore the dress was also the night she got pregnant. 

Birds and Bees

The Dress is the Culprit

However, let us tell you in a bit that the first person to tell this story is not Kim. Olivier himself has spoken of this during a Q&A session on Kim Kardashian’s official app. The Balmain creative director shared the fun fact with us in a moment of light-hearted jollity. 

He said the first dress he made for the celebrity was not the bachelorette one, but an electric blue one that Kanye had specifically requested. According to Olivier, the dress has a magical ability. The night Kim wore it was also the night North took root in her mother’s belly. 

The Dress is the Culprit
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Olivier was rather scared while narrating the story and wondered if Kim would be okay with knowing he had let the cat out of the bag. We think it is rather incredible that she decided to broach the topic with North at least. 

Surely this is the bedrock on which plenty of further discussions will stand. Being the daughter of one of the world’s most desired celebrities is no child’s play. But only time will tell how the girl is going to take the pressure. 

In other news, fans are losing it over Kim Kardashian’s filter-free selfie at the dentist’s office. It is not often that we see a celebrity posting a selfie or a photo minus a filter than removes all their flaws magically. But Kim decided to take the bold step and post one where her features lay revealed in all their glory. 


1. What is North Kardashian age?

North Kardashian age is nine. 

2. How old is North Kardashian?

North Kardashian is nine years old. 

3. Who is North Kardashian West?

North Kardashian is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West. 

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