Uncertainties About George Michael Biopic: Know Some Riveting Facts

George Michael Biopic
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George Michael is an iconic figure and one of the brightest stars of the 1980s. So, there were a few talks going on about a George Michael biopic. However, things have fallen into the void of uncertainties as several conflicts have arisen. Well, what exactly has happened in the first place?

So, if you are a big fan of George Michael then you should follow this article. Here we will provide you with some details on the possible George Michael biopic. In fact, we will also share why the uncertainties have arisen in the first place.

There Were Discussions Over The Narrative Of The Biopic

Goerge Michael was one of the most iconic figures in the 80s. He had a wonderful career as a solo singing artist. In fact, he has given us hits like Faith, Fastlove, Freedom 90, Don’t let the sun go down on me, etc.

So, a biopic on George Michael would have been an amazing option. In fact, the estate of Michael was keen enough to move ahead with the movie. Considering the fact that recent movies on Elton John and Queen were successful, people would love to see George Michael’s life on the screen as well. That’s why there were a lot of discussions with screenwriters over the project’s narrative and possible future.

Ample Amount Of Challenges That Came

It’s also true that making George Michael biopic is a bit challenging. For example, there were various disagreements among Michael’s relatives. Not only among his family relatives but also among his neighbors and close friends. If we do a biopic on a person, then the details shouldn’t carry those conflicts at all. Considering it came from the close ones, it carried a lot of weight.

As per sources, George Michael’s surviving relatives like Sister Yioda, the exectuor of his estate and of course, the dad Kyriacos glossed over a lot of scandals of George. For example, they told the media scandals, such as drug-druviing, sexual liasons with strangers, etc.

Meanwhile, others like his close friends, long-time colleagues, and ex-boyfriend Kenny Goss also provided a lot of conflicting narrative. In other words, things came at odds and precisely that made it quite difficult to move on with the project.

Someone said, “it’s one of those things that sounded brilliant to everyone initially but has quickly proved more difficult to bring to fruition than anyone had hoped.” In fact, as we said, the conflictin views made it really difficult.

Making A Movie Without ‘Darker Aspects’

While making George Michael Biopic, it was necessary to maintain a sense of transparency. However, his family members were desperate to protect the memories of George Michael. In fact, it’s true that they wanted to celebrate all of his talent but without all the darker aspect of his life. Otherwise, it could cause a lot of problems in the future. In other words, it would have become a never eneding legal and PR disaster for sure.

This is the reason that it’s difficult to make biopics on people like George Michael. Of course, it’d become ana amazing piece of cinema. However, we have to keep in mind that Goerge was never a person who liked to gloss over his own faults.

Adam Lambert To Play As George Michael?

Did you know that the directors approach Adam Lambert to play the role of George in George Michael Biopic. It’s worth noting that he is the lead vocalist alongside the surviving members of Queen. Of course, he was up for the job and thought that it’d be interesting to play the role of George.