Vin Diesel – Know about Net Worth of Vin Diesel wife Paloma Jiménez

Vin Diesel wife Paloma Jiménez

Are you interested to know about the wife of your favourite star Vin Diesel from the Fast and the Furious fame?  Then here are the details we have gathered about him and his wife Paloma Jiménez. The couple lead very quiet lives. However, there is some information that will interest you. Jiménez is a model who has promoted a lot of brands. Her husband Diesel is a famous actor who is well known for his action films. They are one of the power couples of Hollywood. Many people love when they attend dazzling events together. Continue reading to know more about the life of the celeb couples.

Details about Vin Diesel

The real name of Vin Diesel is Mark Sinclair. He is an actor as well as a producer, screenwriter and director making him the richest person in Hollywood. He began his career in 1990 however was not able to get good roles in films for many years. Then he acted in the film called Multi-Facial. Steven Spielberg got impressed by his acting and offered him a role on Saving Private Ryan. Later he gave his voice for The Iron Giant that helped him to gain a lot of fans. Moreover, he got a reputation as an action hero because of the franchise Fast and Furious and Chronicles of Riddick. He also received commercial success from various other films like The Pacifier and Find Me Guilty.

Vin Diesel Wife
Vin Diesel’s life partner, at the moment, is one Mexican model whose name is Paloma Jimenez.

Some of the other famous films of his career are XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and 2, Babylon A.D, The Last Witch Hunter, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. He voiced a character in Ralph Breaks the Internet. The star will also appear in a role in Avatar sequel.

Vin Diesel’s age is 53 year old. His birth date is July 18, 1967, and his place of birth is Alameda County, California. The name of his mother is Delora Sherleen Vincent. She was an astrologer. But he has never met his biological father in his life. He has a twin brother named Paul. He recognised himself as a person of colour.

Diesel wants to follow the stars like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando because they have kept their lives private from the public for a very long time. He does not want to put his life in a magazine for all the people to see and wishes to abide by a code of silence.

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Vin Diesel Wikis/Facts

Full Name Mark Sinclair
Birthday July 18, 1967
Birthplace Alameda County, CA
Age 53 years Old
Nationality American
how tall is Vin Diesel 6′ 0″ ( 1.82 m)
Profession American actor, filmmaker, singer and musician
Partner Paloma Jiménez (2007–)
Children Pauline Sinclair, Hania Riley Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair
Upcoming movies F9Avatar 2Fast & Furious 10
Net Worth $200 million
Parents Irving Vincent, Delora Vincent
Siblings Not Disclosed

Who is Paloma Jiménez?

The full name of Paloma Jiménez is Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin. Her birth date is 22 August 1983 and her birthplace is Guerrero, Mexico. She is both a Latina and a Mexican. At the moment she is thirty-seven years old. She worked as a model and has appeared in many commercials such as Honda, Pantene, Coco cola etc. As a model she also acted in the Mexican show Otra Rollo: ADALRAMONES televised on Televisa and Unison. Jimenez and Diesel have been together since 2007.

They have two daughters and one son. Their daughter Hania Riley came into the world in 2008. Then on 2010 their son Vincent Sinclair was born. Lastly, in 2015, they welcomed their daughter Pauline. She got the name in honour of their friend Paul Walker. He co-starred in Fast and the Furious film however he died in a car accident in 2013 that devastated Diesel. Their families were very close as Paul chose Diesel as his daughter Meadow’s godfather when he was alive. His death was a huge loss to both the families.

Vin diesel wife is a lucky woman because her husband loves her ardently. He always praises her on his social media page. He admires her because she is a good mother to the kids. One time he called her a Mayan lady. He also dotes on his children and spends quality time with them in his free time.

Paloma Jiménez Wikis

Real Name Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin
Birthday August 22, 1983 (age 37 years Old)
Birthplace Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
Age 37 years old
Nationality Mexican
Height 5′ 10″
Profession Mexican model, Look Models and ID Model Management
Zodiac sign Leo
Married/Wife Brianna Ammons.
Partner Vin Diesel (2007–)
Net Worth $5 million
Parents Not Disclosed
Siblings Not Disclosed

Body Measurement: Height and Weight

As Jiménez is a model she maintains her body well. She appears with her husband on important functions and her way of dressing shows that she has great fashion sense. She is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Are you wondering how tall is Vin diesel? Her Husband is a robust man of height 6′ 0″ (1.82 m) and his weight is 102 kg. We can expect the husband and wife to workout in their private gym as both are in great shape. They also complement each other well. That is why they are one of the hottest couples in the industry.

The Net Worth of Paloma Jiménez

As Paloma Jiménez is a model her net worth estimate is $5 million. She endorsed many brands as a model. Now also she is promoting many brands. Vin diesel net worth is $2oo million. He can make this much money because of the franchise Fast and Furious. Same as his character Dom in the film he has many fantastic cars in his house such as 1993 Mazda RX-7, 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, 1994 Toyota Supra and lots more.

The couple has a house on Beverly Hills, California. We can call it a house of dreams because it has all the comforts that we can only imagine. He bought the home in 2001 worth $2.25m. He is living a great life with his wife and children in his home.

Some facts about Paloma Jiménez

  • Her husband much older than her

The age difference between Jiménez and her husband is sixteen years. But they both found happiness in each other.

  • They are practically not married

Although many articles on the internet call Jiménez as the wife of Diesel they are not married. They are in a relationship from 2007. However, they may decide to tie the knot anytime as they are in love with each other.

  • Her husband dates his co-star

Before Jiménez, Diesel was in a relationship with his co-star Michelle Rodriguez. She is forty-two year old actress now. She acted with him as his girlfriend in the Fast and Furious films. In 2001 there were rumours of the two dating however they separated after a while. 

  • Jiménez was a famous model

Jimenez worked as a model for ID Model Management and Two Management. She also worked for Looks model in Mexico. The gorgeous woman also came in the cover of Maxim magazine for the Spanish edition.

  • The voice of her husband

Vin Diesel’s voice is also famous. He voiced the character Groot in Marvel films that earned him a lot of popularity and awards. His voice broke when he was fifteen so he had a mature voice from his teen years.

  • She can speak Spanish

Paloma Jiménez can speak Spanish well. As she is both a Mexican and Latina she appreciates both her origins. We can say that she will teach her kids also to embrace their heritage.

  • Her husband lost his best friend

Her husband lost his friend and colleague Paul Walker in 2013. He was not able to accept his death and suffered in silence because of it. Even the whole world grieved the death of a charming and kind-hearted human. That is why the couple named the birth of their daughter Paulina the female version of the name Paul.

FAQs about Vin Diesel:

  1. What ethnicity is Vin Diesel?
    Vin Diesel is of mixed ethnicity. He has described himself as “of ambiguous ethnicity” with roots that include Italian and African-American heritage.
  2. Who is Vin Diesel’s twin brother?
    Vin Diesel has a twin brother named Paul Vincent. Paul Vincent is a film editor, and he prefers to stay out of the spotlight.
  3. What happened to Vin Diesel?
    As of my last update, Vin Diesel continues to be active in the entertainment industry, particularly known for his roles in the “Fast and Furious” film series. There hasn’t been any recent news indicating significant changes or incidents involving him.
  4. How many kids does Vin Diesel have?
    Vin Diesel has three children. He has a daughter named Hania Riley, a son named Vincent Sinclair, and another daughter named Pauline, who is named in honor of his late friend and co-star, Paul Walker.


Diesel and Jiménez is one of the best couples in the world. They are an inspiration to many couples. They both spend time with their children and are helping them to grow up as good humans.