Where to Learn About Low Voltage Safety to Get Your Low Voltage Certification?

low voltage training

One of the most common electricity supply problems is the input voltage level mismatch and in most cases low voltage is observed. All electrical appliances using unacceptable voltage will be exposed to it and may not operate efficiently or fail quickly. The inclusion of some devices in a low voltage network is not dangerous, but it affects their performance. Therefore, before working with electrical appliances, you need to go through low voltage training. In order to obtain a low voltage certificate, it is necessary to complete full-fledged educational courses and programs that reveal all the nuances of the application and functionality of certain types of electrical equipment.

What is low voltage training?

For workers using equipment, low voltage training is a technical training course. Employees must be aware of the arc flash and electric shock threats in their workplace, thus this training is crucial. The programs are intended for:

  • millwrights;
  • technicians;
  • low voltage electricians.

Arc flash training will help your team identify possible daily risks as well as select the appropriate personal protective equipment. Thus, low voltage electrician training can save the lives of employees.

How long is low voltage training?

Employees’ lives depend greatly on low voltage electrical training, thus it should be of the highest caliber, efficient and not quick. Low voltage training programs should last anywhere between two and fourteen shifts. A knowledge test should be conducted once a year for electrical personnel who are directly organizing and carrying out work on the maintenance of existing electrical installations or performing adjustment, electrical installation, repair work, or preventive tests in them, as well as for personnel who are authorized to issue orders and conduct operational negotiations. Your team will be given a certificate of training in arc flash and low voltage electricity after completing the low voltage training courses.

What kind of training is needed to become certified in low voltage?

To get certified in low voltage you need low voltage certification training. According to the norm, a certificate of this kind is good for three years before retraining is necessary.

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