Emily Trebek Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, and Life Facts

Emily Trebek

Who is Emily Trebek? 

To begin with, Emily Trebek is a real estate agent and a famous media person. She lives in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. Emily is also the daughter of a popular television star Alex Trebek. So, the real estate agent was a celebrity child in the USA.

Emily Trebek Bio Quick Wikis

Name  Emily Trebek
Birthplace  Southern California, USA
Birthday  1993
Age  27 Year Old (As of 2020)
Ethnicity  Mixed (French, English)
Nationality  American
Profession  Television personality
Height  5 Feet 7 Inches (tall)
Married/Wife  Unknown
Siblings  Matthew Trebek (Brother)
Parents  Alex Trebek (Father), Jean Currivan   Trebek (Mother)
Body Measurement  35-27-35 inches
Net Worth  $50 million

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About the real estate agent Emily Trebek 

As mentioned earlier Emily is a popular real estate agent and a media person.

  • The early life of Emily Trebek

Emily Trebek was born in the year 1993 in South Carolina. Also, she is currently 26 years old. Her parents are George Alexander Trebek and Jean Currivan Trebek. George is a famous television personality. He is very well-known in the television industry. He has appeared in several talk shows and reality shows.

Coming to Emily’s mother Jean Currivan Trebek is a real estate agent. Jean has made a popular name for herself in the real estate industry. In fact, her daughter followed into her footsteps and started a career in real estate. Furthermore, Emily also has a brother Mathew Trebek, he is a restaurant owner. Mathew owns a Mexican restaurant Harlem in Oso.

  • Education life of Emily Trebek 

Being the daughter of a celebrity her childhood life was happy and a pleasant one. She did complete her high education in home town. Later on, on graduating high school she pursued her higher education. Emily went to college in Los Angeles, California. In other words, she went to Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. She holds a degree in design and architecture. 

Soon after her college education, she began her career. Her career beginning was in the real estate field. 

What is the age of Emily Trebek? 

As pointed out in the beginning part of the article she was born in 1993. But there is no information on the actual date and month of her birth. Apart from this, she has always been secretive about her age details. Even more she has kept media away from her most personal details. Yet, from her date of birth, her age estimation is 27 years old. 

How is the family life of Emily Trebek? 

Emily comes from a decent and happy family. Her father is a television celebrity and her mother is a real estate personality. She also has a sibling Mathew who is a successful restaurant owner. 

Emily Trebek Family

Coming to her personal life; again no much information on the subject. The young and active businesswoman has kept the media away from her personal life. But what we can say about her personal life is that she is unmarried. 

In other words, Emily is single as of today. Yet, there was news some time ago about her boyfriend. She posted a picture of a man Allen and everyone began to assume him as a boyfriend. Emily has not made any statement on this matter to the media to date. We have to wait and see for more information on her dating life. 

A note on the father of a real estate agent 

As stated earlier Emily’s father is a celebrity in the United States of America. Alex Trebek was a host for a game show Jeopardy. Even more, he also played roles in various television series. Further, Alex is a Canadian but has American citizenship. Alex married Jean in the year 1990; she is the second wife of Emily’s father. 

Her mother is 26 years younger than her father. Over the years her father has health scares. In 2007 he had a minor heart attack but she continued to work. Again in 2012, he had another heart attack. Things were serious this time and he was in the hospital for complications. 

Finally, in the year 2019 after suffering from regular stomach aches it was shown to be pancreatic cancer. Further, it is no short of a miracle that he has survived one year of treatment. But the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made things difficult. He remains inside the home to reduce the chance of catching the virus. 

What is the Emily Trebek Net Worth? 

As Emily is a famous real estate agent in the United States of America she has made good money. Being in the business of buying and selling properties has been flourishing. The estimation of Emily Trebek net worth estimate is $50 Million US . 

Though there is no information on the properties and income available in media. It is clear that from her lifestyle that she is leading a luxury life. Emily is very young and just began her career. She has a long way to go and much more to do in her life. 

Interesting facts on the real estate agent Emily Trebek 

Here is a list of less known facts about the real estate tycoon Emily: 

  1. Even at a young age, she dreamt of becoming architecture. These dreams of her finally come true and she is a successful real estate agent.
  2. She is living in Sherman Oak in California. Her luxury life comes from her successful business and work.
  3. Apart from being a great businesswoman, she is also an amazing cook. Her love for cooking is very evident.
  4. Emily has a strong presence in social media yet she keeps her personal life away from media.
  5. Her grandparents were originally from Ukraine with Lucille Legacy history.
  6. Furthermore, she also has a major in two interesting subjects namely, Psychology and Philosophy.
  7. Finally, her father’s health is not well. Despite her father’s health issues, Emily is very close to her parents and her brother. 

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, Emily Trebek is a beautiful and successful woman. Her parents are very successful in their chosen careers. She just like her mother is running a successful real estate business. The net worth of the real estate agent shows her success. But her success has not made her rude; she remains to be down to earth.