How House Cleaning Routine Will Change Your Life

How House Cleaning Routine Will Change Your Life
Woman using rag and sprayer for cleaning table with colleagues in kitchen

With a title like “How a house cleaning routine will change your life”, you can expect the secret to being a weekly cleaning team, throw away all your belongings or some other extreme measure. I am here to tell you that with just a few minutes a day and a little effort, your home can be cleaned most of the time.

What is the house cleaning wellington routine? By definition, a cleaning routine is a specific method or a way to clean a house. What else is a cleaning routine? Life change. Not in the new type of baby or in the new job, but in an incredible way, that makes a big difference in our home and in our life. I have seen firsthand that a cleaning routine is the most useful for someone busy and overwhelmed. Why? Because if you don’t know where to start, my house cleaning routine provides a simple structure to keep your house clean. You can start any day of the week and with just 10 minutes a day.

What is the best part of the Clean Mama cleaning routine? The plan is designed for you: you do not need to try to decide what should be cleaned and when it should be cleaned, just follow the routine as best you can and start seeing results. It’s that easy.

Ready to take control of your home? If you’re wondering if it will work with your busy schedule, read on to get answers to all your questions, including tips and abundant links. I also share weekly cleaning tasks on FB / – follow me and when you move around without thinking you will see that friendly reminder and clean something ? I have been sharing my house cleaning Tauranga routine with the Internet since 2009 – I love that It can be used in such a fun way.


A clean home (most of the time) starts with 5 daily cleaning tasks (click on that link to go to a post with more information): these are the things you learn to do that set up on the autopilot and start completely without really thinking about it. If you have not tried a cleaning routine, start with these tasks first. Start making the beds one day, then add checkered floors to the next, and so on. Perfection is never an expectation. Do what you can and move on. Did you finish reading because you work away from home and think it is not possible? Go to this post to see when and how I came up with my routine and then come back ? Concerned that the kitchen cleaning is not in the daily routine? It is completed every day. Here is a publication with a free print of the quick cleaning of my night kitchen.

make the beds
check floors
clean counters

Trust me, it can happen. My mantra is something every day and with that in mind, just doing SOMETHING every day is very useful.

Do you need some breath to clean the kitchen? Try to do my Night Sink Scrub and scrub your sink tonight after dinner. It’s a nightly ritual that LOVES ME!


The next step for my cleaning routine is to add weekly cleaning tasks. Every day of the week has a task. Add that task to daily cleaning tasks and you will have some magic. Cue the Cinderella scene with the birds and the song.