How Often Should You Cut Your Grass?

How Often Should You Cut Your Grass

It’s hard to imagine a home without a lawn adding beauty and vibrance to the landscape. Without grass, we’d have little else to admire other than dirt. 

But that’s not all they do for us. Our grass lawns can actually help purify the air by trapping dust particles and other pollutants.

How do we care for our lawns the same way they do with us? Grass is one of the most common forms of vegetation, but it’s surprisingly finicky. One misstep, such as cutting too much, can quickly kill it.

So, how often should you cut your grass? And how much should you take off at a time? Knowing the answers to these questions is part of maintaining a brilliant and healthy lawn for years to come.

Keep reading to learn more about how often to mow your lawn.

Knowing When to Mow

If you’re wondering how often should you cut your grass, there isn’t a regular number to follow throughout the year. Instead, the frequency of mowing your lawn should be in line with its growing season.

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Depending on the type of grass you have, the growing season will vary. As their name suggests, warm-season grasses will grow the most during summer, whereas cool-season grasses thrive in the fall and spring. When it comes to the winter, mowing is not typically necessary, unless you reside somewhere where the weather is warm year-round.

How Often Should You Cut Your Grass?

Because the types of grass and growing conditions can vary greatly, there’s no single correct answer to this question. To get a better idea, you’ll need to note the growth rate of your grass as well as the desired height you’d like to keep it at.

A good rule of thumb to follow is mowing your lawn about once a week during peak growing season. On the off-season, keep the mowing down to about once every other week. Again, be sure to note the growth rates of your particular lawn and make adjustments as necessary.

How Short To Cut Grass

An important rule to note is the one-third rule, which states that grass should never have more than one-third of its length cut at a single time. Doing so can irreparably damage the grass’s natural food production, stressing it out and eventually killing it. This is called “scalping” your lawn and should be avoided at all costs.

If you’ve gone too long between mowings, or if you prefer a shorter look to your lawn, you can increase the frequency of your mowings throughout the month. Just be sure not to remove too much at a time.

To get greener grass, it should stay at about 3-3.5 inches in length. This will allow a healthy root system that can easily absorb nutrients and continue to thrive throughout the year.

Caring for Your Lawn

Having a bright and vibrant lawn is one of the key things that bring a home’s landscaping to the next level. With proper care and cutting, you can help ensure that it stays beautiful. Now that we’ve answered “how often should you cut your grass?” along with a few other questions, you’ll be ready to give your lawn the care it needs. 

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