Sod Solutions: How Long Does Sod Take to Install?

Sod Solutions

Lush green sod can instantly transform dry, sun-bleached lawns, but how long does sod take to install?

Sod installation isn’t your only concern. You have to consider supplies, preparation, and ongoing maintenance. If your sod is improperly installed, you may need to hire a gardener or landscaper to help, which adds more time (and cost) to your project.

Timing depends on a number of factors. Let’s roll up those sleeves and dig into the details of sod installation.

How Much Sod Do You Need?

Your installation timeline depends largely on the amount of sod you need. Without setbacks, you can install 500 square foot sod in under two hours. One skid or palette typically holds 700 square feet of sod, which is enough for a small yard.

The more area you need to cover, the longer your installation will take. Make sure you have enough sod on-hand to cover the entire area.

Preparations to Consider

Preparation also affects your installation time.

If this is your first time laying sod, the installation will take even longer. Don’t rush the project. Take your time to lay your sod in straight lines, and properly prepare the lawn to avoid drainage problems.

Sloped Lawn Sod Installation

Slope lawn sod is particularly vulnerable to drainage problems. Water quickly pools after heavy rainstorms and lowers soil quality beneath the sod. Growing grass in sloped areas takes even longer than sod installation because the soil is so poor.

Preparing Your Lawn

You can’t lay sod without preparing the surface first. Renovate the first six inches of soil. If the soil is poor, you’ll need to replace it with nutrient-rich soil; this also adds time to your project.

Remove any rocks, grass, plants, and roots from your lawn, and lay your store-bought soil.

Grab the hose and water down the area. Look for crevices or low spots in the soil to fill up. You want to level your surface before placing the sod. This will prevent future drainage damage and replacement costs.

Installing Your Sod

Sod must be installed immediately, so it’s best to have your sod delivered to your home. Moisten the top soil before laying your sod. Start placing the sod roll on an edge, like your walkway, sidewalk, or driveway edge.

If you have leftover sod, store it in a dark, cool area, like a garden shed or garage. This will keep your sod fresh enough for a future landscaping project, but sod should be applied fresh for best results. 

How to Reduce Your Installation Time

Soil preparation and installation takes time, but you can lessen your load by hiring a professional sod installation company. Familiarize yourself with professional processes outlined by ISR Gardening Inc, like soil amelioration and analysis. You may need additional services for best results.

Make sure you have a good sprinkler system that keeps your sod nice and lush. Remember that routine maintenance also cuts down on future resodding.

Transform Your Yard

Don’t lose time on rookie mistakes. Transform your lawn and reduce sod installation time with these helpful tips and tricks.

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