How To Use Windows Software on Mac?

Windows Software on Mac

Most Macs are designed to be fully compatible with a multitude of applications and programs. However, even with that, there are still a few software programs that only function-well using Windows. This can be a tricky situation to find yourself in and often leaves users wondering if there are any ways to run windows software on their MacBooks. And the answer is yes, there are ways you can accomplish this. So, we decided to detail two of the most popular methods by which you can easily setup up Windows OS on your Apple device.

Before we get started, we should emphasize upon the importance of always backing up your data before carrying out such a task. This is because there is always the chance that your Mac may end up damaged, corrupted or completely inoperable, for whatever reason. When this happens, having a backup file system ready and waiting, is one of the fastest ways to get your workspace back up and running, without having to restart from scratch. You can always store your backups on an external storage device eg. external hard drive or an SD Card, for example. However, if you do opt for this method, then you will need to browse online for an sd card reader for sale, if you don’t already own one. We recommend purchasing one Lention’s card readers, as they also offer high speed USB 3.0 data transfers, dual card usage, universal compatibility, HDMI streaming, among many other features.

Moreover, we should mention that if you do own such Mac accessories, then you may also end up needing a cable organizer. It will help you keep your workstation more organized and protect your accessories, cables and extensions from receiving any external damage in the process. The benefit of using Lention’s cable organizers is that they all come made of a tough EVA material, which does well to absorb hard impacts. Also, they come with mesh pockets and elastic straps, allowing you to securely and separately store multiple cables and external accessories, even when on the move.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Virtual Machines

You can easily utilize a virtual machine program to easily run Windows programs and applications on your Mac. Moreover, this method allows you to do so, without having to reboot your whole system. This is one of the best methods to effectively run Windows. As the Windows OS will think it’s running on a real PC, but in actuality, it’s functioning within a program on your Mac. Moreover, any programs that you open can continue to run in the background. This also means that you can make use of external monitors, using a hub hdmi usb c. This will help you to improve your Windows gaming experience. These accessories are highly recommended, as they offer HDMI streaming, high data transfer, universal compatibility, among many other features. However, you will need to acquire a Windows license to effectively install the OS with a virtual machine. If you already have a product key, then you can simply download the Windows installation file and get started.

Some of the most commonly used virtual machine programs that you can utilise on your Mac include; Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. However, you have to keep mind that they all have to be purchased. So, you will need a Windows licence and a purchased copy of the virtual machine in question. The good news is that these two options also offer free trials, so you can at least test out the program before committing to a full purchase. There is also always the free virtual machine alternative which is VirtualBox. However, it’s system integration and 3D graphics support on Mac isn’t the best. If we had to suggest the best option between these three, then you should go for Parallels. It is an excellent program for testing various software, it’s very fast and offers seamless macOS integration. This makes it well-worth the price.

However, the only downside to using virtual machines in general is that the 3D graphics performance isn’t always the best. So, if you are someone looking to play intense video games on your Mac, while it would still work, it won’t give you 100% quality performance. As such, we would suggest using the next method instead.

2. Boot Camp

Boot Camp is an Apple program that allows you to easily integrate Windows OS into your Mac. However, the only drawback as compared to virtual machines, is that you can only run one software program at a time. As such, you will have to reboot your Mac and switch to a full Windows system. And while this may sound to be inconvenient at first, it is actually the best way to run Windows to full capacity on your Mac. This especially applies to those who want an excellent gaming experience on their Macs. Plus, your Mac will function juts as well as any PC with similar specifications. Moreover, much like with virtual machines, you will also need to have a valid Windows license to install Windows.

The only drawback with this method is that you can’t run macOS software and Windows at the same time. This can often be an uncomfortable situation. This is especially true, for those who are not very familiar with the whole Windows-Mac process. This is why we emphasize the need for backing up if you decide to use this method. This is because anything can go wrong, and having a backup safely stored away will give you some breathing room, in case something goes wrong. You can easily utilize a usb c hub rose gold to accomplish this and transfer your data to an external storage device. It’s safer using this accessory as there is less likely of a chance that your Mac will suddenly disconnect and end up corrupting your data in the process.


There are more than two methods by which you can install Windows OS on Mac. However, these two are the most reliable, most popular and safest to utilise, especially if you are a beginner. However, you should still know that it’s always better to just use macOS software on Mac. This is because Windows OS isn’t really meant to work well on Apple systems, anyway. But, if you are involved in gaming for instance, and feel the need to still integrate the two, then we have given you a guide on the two best ways to accomplish this. However, you should always remember to backup your files before you start! Read Also : Which CPU is Best for Day Trading Computers