Women’s Shorts Adapt To New Styles For Summer 2022

Women’s Shorts

With so many flattering options this year, everyone can have fun when they shop for the crop!

Shunning Shorts Has Gone on for Too Long

In the last few years, there has been a long-overdue rise in the popularity of shorts. Gone are the days when shorts were for kids in third grade or confined to one-off warm-weather vacations when we gloomily packed unflattering styles into our suitcases. 

We want to proudly proclaim our love of the cropped trouser—and why wouldn’t we?! Shorts are the ideal women’s summer clothing: they are versatile, comfortable, don’t blow around in windy weather, and these days they come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Read on for everything you need to know about women’s shorts, and you will see that this neat little wardrobe staple can be your new best friend for the summer—and beyond. 

A 20th Century Love Affair

Before the 1930s, shorts had been worn primarily for practical purposes, like playing sports—but that was only socially acceptable for men. As the 20th Century progressed, female Hollywood stars began to wear sexy women’s shorts in their publicity shots, and a young Marilyn Monroe was often snapped wearing a pair, matched with peep-toe heels. 

Women’s shorts are not without their controversy. In the 1950s, several U.S. cities banned women from wearing shorts—and even in 2021 Norway’s female volleyball team was fined for wearing shorts, with popstar Pink offering to pick up the tab on their behalf. 

Wondering If Shorts Are for You?

That’s OK, we understand that uncovering your legs—especially after a long, cold winter—can feel daunting. But there are many varieties of shorts, and there is a flattering style for everyone. These can include:

  • Linen – a pair of loose women’s shorts flatters your silhouette and keeps you cool 
  • Denim – pair with chunky boots with attitude, or style with a low heel sandal for added glamor 
  • High Rise – embrace the comfort! Tuck in a crisp, white shirt for a classic look
  • Bermuda – these are a little longer and perfect for work
  • Biker – we love a biker-shorts outfit that shows your power as well as your gorgeous legs

Let’s Cut to the Chase: What’s Your Individual Style?

We love shorts because they look amazing in any situation—supermodel Kate Moss has been revolutionizing a huge array of styles over the years, from tailored shorts with a waistcoat and wedge heels, to her trademark festival look of cut-off jeans with a hippy top and rain boots. 

But, since we all turned to comfort clothes in 2020, understandably some of us don’t want to say goodbye to elastic waists and soft fabrics—thankfully, there is always a way to feel good and look good in this summer staple. 

Jean Shorts 

Denim is a great place to start because jeans are such a familiar item found in almost everyone’s wardrobe, according to Sanctuary Clothing. Cut-off jeans with frayed hems and a faded dye wash have an awesome, biker feel, especially when you match them with blocky boots—but they can still look cute with contrasting heeled sandals and a fitted top too. For a smarter look, darker dyed jeans with a neat hem are a modern classic. 

You can also opt for extra comfort with a paper bag waist, for those work-from-home days or for lunch with friends. 

Bermuda Shorts

Bermudas are a little longer than many shorts as they graze the upper knee—so if you feel a little shy or need to cover up more in the sun, these are the perfect choice for you. Styles like our Boy Cut Bermuda can be worn to replace pencil skirts in the workplace or with a sleeveless top and mules for an easy-to-wear day outfit. 

Athletic Shorts

Like to get active outdoors during the summer months? We hear you—athletic or ‘hiker shorts’ are as practical as their Bermuda equivalents, but are a little shorter and roomier so you can do your awesome thing without restrictions. Sneakers and walking boots look great with them, but you can also follow this summer’s trend for platforms and a loose blouse to feel cool and look amazing. 

Capri Shorts

If Audrey Hepburn loved this look then so do we—Capri pants are the ultimate in sleek style and amazing comfort. With a hem anywhere from below the knee to above the ankle, the Capri makes your legs look long and elegant—even with flat shoes—and on really hot summer days they will save your legs from feeling too sticky! 

Patterned Shorts

If summer isn’t the time to add a splash of color to your outfit, then we don’t know when is. Fun designs not only look vibrant and exciting, but with bold patterns your outfit will be flattering—they can help to highlight your body shape or divert attention from areas you feel less confident about.

Whether you prefer animal print, polka dot, or pinstripe, be brave and bold with your shorts! Other unique ways to stand out in your choice of shorts can include wearing different materials like leather and fake leather, cotton, linen, and terrycloth for a retro beach feel. 

But, What to Wear with Shorts?

So you have chosen your style and can’t wait to wear them this summer—but wait, what do you wear with shorts?!

One trend we love this summer is the side-cut top—a frankly genius invention and the perfect way to wear your shorts. When you wear a long-length side cut top over cropped bottoms, you can feel demure and comfortable, then flash a little glimpse of your shorts when you walk, move around, or sit down to relax in the summer sun. 

And when the sun isn’t shining so bright, don’t put your crops away—one of our favorite between-season outfits is a cute pair of short shorts worn with tights, knee-high boots, and a chunky sweater! 

In Short…

There is nothing to fear—shorts are everyone’s best friend during warmer months and beyond. Embrace this summer’s trend of shorts for women and be the queen of the crop.