New Asteroids That Are Heading Towards The Planet Earth

New Asteroids

Millions and millions of years ago, a particular asteroid called Chicxulub hit our planet Earth, destroying millions of life forms, including our beloved Dinosaurs. Hence, the asteroid is not an alien subject to us at all. However, we surely don’t want to be a witness to another Chicxulub heading our way, right? Well, we just have to pray because as per NASA, a 150 ft wide asteroid is heading toward the orbit of our planet. It can pose a severe danger to human beings and other life forms on Earth if it crashes. 

However, there’s good news as well and we don’t need to panic. It seems that the asteroid won’t ‘hit’ the earth per se, and the nearest it will come to the planet’s surface is 0.02 astronomical units or 3,000,000 km. 

One such asteroid is heading toward us and coming on the 6th of April. The sources tell us that the asteroid is traveling at a speed of 67656 kilometers per hour. The name of the asteroid is 2023 FZ3 and it’s about 150 ft in diameter as we mentioned earlier. Moreover, let us tell you that it will come close to the earth’s surface as much as 2.6 million miles as the research has shown us. 

If you want to know about the asteroids that come to the Earth’s orbit, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention some of the interesting facts about asteroids and also talk about a few of them. So, now’s the time to take a look at this article and find out about the asteroids. 

What Would Happen If An Asteroid Were To Hit The Planet Earth?

If An Asteroid Were To Hit The Planet Earth

Ever wondered what would happen if an asteroid giant in size were to hit the planet? Well, it actually depends on the size of the asteroid. If we are talking about an asteroid similar to Chicxulub, then we already know the answer, thanks to the remains of our dinosaur buddies. So, let us tell you that if an asteroid hit the Earth at high speeds of 16 to 32 km/s, then it can cause havoc. 

The asteroid itself doesn’t pose risk but its impact of it is what’s dangerous. For example, during the impact of the Earth’s orbit, the kinetic energy of the Asteroid converts to explosive energy and thus, it blows debris, soil, rocks, etc. Ultimately, it destroys the planet. So, if a giant asteroid hits the Earth, we’ll likely die, in all probability. 

Here Are The Top Asteroids Coming To Our Planet

Let us be clear, Asteroids aren’t wanted at all, because who would want destruction, right? However, it seems that a few monstrous asteroids are heading toward us. Even though NASA has given us the green signal that everything will be fine, our curiosity propels us to know about those giant rocks, right? So, without further ado, it’s time to take a look at the asteroids that are heading our way. 

1. 2023 FU16

As per the sources, the Asteroid 2023 FU16 is a small asteroid of only 45 ft. It’s approaching the Earth’s orbit at a distance of 1.16 million miles. Moreover, this asteroid is close to Earth at a breathtaking speed of 36677km. 

2. 2023 FS11

The asteroid 2023 FS11 is fast approaching the Earth’s orbit at the speed of 42257 km per hour. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that it’s an airplane-sized asteroid and it will fly near the Earth close to about 4.11 million miles. 

3. 2023 FA47

If you want to know about Asteroid 2023 FA47, then let us tell you. So, the sources have mentioned that it’s a 92 ft Asteroid traveling at the speed of 86428 km per hour. It will be at the planet’s nearest at a distance of 1.4 million miles on the 4th of April. 

Here Are The Top Asteroids Coming To Our Planet

4. 2023 FZ3

The closest of the lot and the largest as well, at a size of 150 ft, the Asteroid 2023 FZ3 is heading towards the Earth at a speed of a breathtaking 67656 kilometers per hour. It’s likely to come close to the Planet’s orbit as much as 2.61 million miles. It can cause havoc to our planet if it does hit. 

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