Say Goodbye to Cash and Hello to a MuchBetter way to pay

MuchBetter way to pay

In this increasingly digital world, people are searching for more efficient ways to manage their money. 

Gone are the days of monthly bank statements coming through the post, getting cash out at ATMs and going to a physical bank to make a simple transaction; these days people value convenience. This is why cash and traditional banking are both on the decline, while payment apps and digital wallets are slowly taking precedence.

We sat down with the CEO of one of the rising digital brands within the payments space, MuchBetter, to find out how the world of payments is evolving and ask some questions about their award-winning payment app.

First things first, who is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a digital payments solutions company made up of a team of tenacious leaders with a mission to revolutionise the payments game. We deliver financial solutions to more than 1.1 million users, with a range of innovative payments products to meet the needs of our global customer base. 

Our all-in-one payments app, the MuchBetter Wallet, was launched in 2017 and has gained popularity in various markets across the world. This digital wallet allows our customers to manage their money from their phone and was designed with ease and simplicity in mind. 

Why are digital wallets so popular?

Digital wallets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially since the pandemic, which created a real stir within the industry and has changed how people view and manage their money.  

The way people like to use their money is also evolving because of the digital and mobile revolution. Digital wallets are available 24/7, and payment apps allow us to manage our finances from the comfort of our phones. They are accessible day and night, forget about 9-5 banking hours! All it takes is a single tap to complete a transaction.

Tell us more about the MuchBetter Wallet

The MuchBetter Wallet is a banking-alternative payments app which allows you to access and manage your personal finances in just a few simple clicks. Our digital wallet offers an easy and simple solution to a traditional bank account, eliminates the need to carry a clunky wallet, and is completely safe and secure! 

There’s also no need to speak to someone over the phone or travel to a cash machine when you want to make a transfer, you can make all your payments within the app.

One of our most beloved features is the free wallet-to-wallet transfers. Say for example you are out for dinner with friends and want to split the bill, you can make it happen with a few simple clicks in the MuchBetter app – it’s great!

What makes MuchBetter stand out from the crowd?

It’s hard to put it down to just one thing. Firstly, there’s the watertight security; MuchBetter accounts are secured via passcode protection, biometric security, dynamic security codes and a transition review system, ensuring that only valid payments are being processed. It’s something our customers truly value. 

Secondly, customers have a great choice of localised top-up and withdrawal methods, a seamless user experience, 24/7 customer service – it’s all part of the MuchBetter package. 

How do you make an account?

Customers can download the MuchBetter app from Google Play or the App Store and create an account in a few steps. Once set up and verified, you can top up your account and get started on your MuchBetter journey. It’s that easy!

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