Why Organic Compost Is Considered The Best For Zeon Zoysia?

Zeon Zoysia

When you are thinking of creating a new lawn; a very vital point that you have to think over is what ways can be devised to beautify the lawn. Along with many things fertilization is also vital. Although several kinds of fertilizers are available the best one is the Organic Compost.

What Is Organic Compost?

As the name suggests this kind of compost is made from all organic things that are available in your home. As it is made from natural materials; it is considered the best for Zeon Zoysia sod grass.

How Compost Benefits Sod Grass?

The compost can be used in two ways when you are planning to install sod in your garden; one is when you are preparing the soil and the other afterward. The compost benefits the sod grass in these three ways.

Used For Soil Preparation

Initially, the organic compost is scattered when the ground is being prepared to lay on the ground. This provides the sod with the immediate nutrients needed for the right development. One thing that has to be known is that the compost you are using is appropriate for the sod.

Nutrients Are Taken From It

The roots of the Zeon Zoysia sod grass take whatever necessary nutrients that are required from the soil. So the compost has to be a mixture of various items to make sure that all necessary source of nourishment is given to the grass.

The Lawn Becomes Healthier

As the materials used to make the organic compost are natural; the health of the grass will improve. You need to check-in with the experts at sod farm companies including Atlanta Sod Farm to know what kind of compost will be best for the sod.

Applying Compost Before Installing Zeon Zoysia

Application of the organic is very easy and you will find a list of organic compost ingredients that are easily available all around the house. You can apply the compost yourself by following the steps mentioned below.

Remove Weeds And Debris

The very first step to take in the process of applying compost is to remove all the weeds and debris from the soil. In this way, the compost will mix into the ground well.

Check The Soil For Dryness

Next, the soil has to be checked for the presence of dryness. You should pick up the soil; make a ball out of it. If it crumbles immediately; then the quantity of water is not enough.

Testing The Soil For pH Level

The level of alkaline in the soil has to be in the right quantity because if the level is high then the organic compost has to be applied less. This step is extremely important and should never be missed.

Quantity Of Compost Determined

The quantity of fertilizer depends on the type of sod you are going to lay on the lawn. But generally on 1000 square feet, 4 cubic yard of compost is spread.

Spreading Technique Of Organic Compost

The compost can be loaded on a wheelbarrow and with the help of a spade; and spreads as the wheelbarrow moves on. They go to the next row and so on.

Mixing The Compost With The Soil

Lastly, it is vital that the compost mix with the soil so that the Zeon Zoysia sod grass can get the nutrients from all areas of the ground.