Types of Piercings to Sport This Season

Types of Piercings

Several types of piercings have been around for more than a millennium now. It is the oldest way of asserting independence and control over the body. When was the first time you got a piercing? Way back in time, when you were a teenager? Worry not. Those days are gone when all you could get for your money were a few studs in the cartilage and a hoop or two. However, now you can select from a list of exotic and innovative body piercings to rock the party. Read on to find out about the different types of piercings. 


Piercing does not have to be a solo activity. You can definitely take your friends out to the shop and go over the range of ornaments available. Snakebites are in the style of late. This manner of craft involves two pieces of jewelry stacked closely together. The resulting effect is something that resembles two serpents coiled around each other.

You can mix and match earrings or simply get yourself a matching pair that will complete the look. See types of piercings ear. However, be warned that the snakebite does require a lot of care for the first few weeks. Use saline when you can, and do not sleep on that side for a while. 


The tragus is the thick cartilage in the central part of your ear. Tragus piercings are rather unconventional that are in vogue right now. It is a rather placid, calm earring that does not scream for attention at once.

The tragus piercing has its own grace that comes to it naturally. One of the best parts about it is that you can mix and match several types of earrings as well as hoops around the central stud. Like all cartilage piercings, the tragus can take close to twelve months to heal properly. See different types of piercings on the ear. 

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To put it simply, the conch is the inner part of your ear that traditionally serves as the ideal spot for a hoop. However, you might want to avoid irritation for a while by initially getting a stud and then swapping it for a hoop after a year or so.

If you are tired of seeing the same pieces of minimalist jewelry everywhere, then the conch piercing is for you. There is another option, though. You can get a gold cuff and then pair it with other thick gold hoops. It will definitely turn you into a goddess. 

Contra Conch

Some fashion stylists predict that the contra conch will make it big this year. The ridge of cartilage is situated just outside the inner conch. If this is your first time trying a contra conch piercing, we recommend a dangling stud, as it is a simple ornament and will add to the beauty of the piercing.

It is a bit unconventional, though. Make sure you are ready to wait for some time before the cartilage is completely healed. Clean it with saline in the meantime and also make sure you rush to the doctor the moment any unnatural swellings start showing up. 


The last type of piercing on this list is the Daith. We especially recommend it because it is easy to clean and heals faster than other types. Hoops are preferable for this one. Paired with delicate studs, you can turn your piercing into a stunning bit of accessory. 

Contra Conch
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1. What is ear piercing most attractive?

Conch piercings are the most attractive style of ear piercings. 

2. How painful is an ear piercing?

The ear is the most painful part of the body to pierce.

3. Which ear piercing is the easiest to heal?

The lobe piercings are the easiest to heal.

4. Is a gun better for piercing than a needle?

Needle is better because it causes less tissue damage.

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