How to Get a Greener Lawn: A Guide for Homeowners

How to Get a Greener Lawn A Guide for Homeowners

Does your dream of a perfect lawn fade faster than its green color? Is it more yellow? Is it getting worse, no matter what you do?

You are fighting a losing battle unless you change how you are caring for your lawn. Good lawn maintenance is essential for greener grass.

The good news is that you are not alone. 69% of the three out 4 Americans who have a lawn feel their lawn could be improved. So, how can you make it your pride and joy again? 

Keep reading to solve the challenge of how to get a greener lawn with these lawn care tips.

Aerate Your Lawn

The first step for lawn maintenance is aeration. Aeration is when you put holes a few inches deep in the lawn to loosen compact soil. It should be done yearly.  

There will be better air circulation, and you will have greener grass, as it can use water and nutrients. Thatch also is broken down as micro-organisms can thrive.

You only need a simple tool to aerate. If you have never done it, or have a lot of traffic on your lawn, such as pets, barbecues, or kids, then it is time! 

Water Efficiently 

Did you know that 30-60% of urban water supply goes on watering lawns? And most of the time, people are not even efficiently watering!

Do not drown your grass in the hope of a perfect lawn. Water less regularly but deeper, which is better for your lawn and the environment. A total of 1-1.5 inches of water a week is ideal.

Water early morning to reduce evaporation. Also, consider an irrigation system, as this is the best solution for a greener lawn. Check out Website, which offers irrigation and other lawn maintenance services. 

Fertilize for a Greener Lawn

One of the top lawn care tips is to have a fertilizer routine, ideally with natural fertilizers. Natural fertilizers are better for the environment, your family, and your grass! Natural options produce greener grass than synthetic fertilizers. 

Make sure you spread fertilizers evenly and water grass after. Aim to do this four times a year. 

Compost and Recycle

Many people ask if they should fertilize fortnightly to get the perfect lawn. Do not use fertilizers. Use grass clippings from your lawnmower instead!

Spread grass clippings over your lawn after mowing. The clippings help retain water and improve soil texture. It also saves you time, reduces landfill waste, and the need to use fertilizers more regularly. 

You can also compost other garden and kitchen waste for greener grass. Then you can add it to your soil! 

Cut Grass Right 

Caring for your lawn requires you to know your grass type and what cutting height it needs. Ask a landscaping company if you are not sure of your grass type. You should also maintain your lawnmower and keep blades sharp for the most efficient cut.

How to Get a Greener Lawn

Follow these lawn care tips for how to get a greener lawn. Caring for your lawn requires dedication and patience. But the reward is your perfect lawn with greener grass! 

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